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Liaison Librarians

Liaisons work directly with faculty and students in specific academic departments.


  • Are familiar with the department and its coursework
  • Are in regular contact and communication with the department
  • Recommend purchases for the library to make on behalf of the department
  • Provide research assistance instruction in specific courses
  • Train faculty in library resources and tools
  • Facilitate faculty and students use of library technologies

Academic Area


Liaison Librarian

Academic Affairs for Student Athletes   Jessica Daly
Barbara Potts
Aeronautics, School of   Lowell Walters
Army ROTC   Robert Weaver
Biology/Chemistry   Cindy Schmidt
Abigail Sattler
Business, School of   Greg Smith
Center for Global Engagement   Jessica Daly
Center for Teaching Excellence   Kim Day
Cinematic Arts, Zaki Gordon Center   Robert Weaver
Club Sports   Jessica Daly
Amanda Hahn
College of Applied Studies and Academic Success (CASAS)   Jessica Daly
Barbara Potts
Creation Studies, Center for   Anne Foust
Community Care & Counseling   Randy Miller
Counselor Education & Family Studies   Randy Miller
Digital Media & Communication Arts   Tim Siegel
Divinity, School of    Rusty Tryon (Undergraduate)
Randy Miller (Graduate)
Education (Graduate)   Shelley Oakley
Rachel Schwedt
Engineering & Computational Sciences, School of   Mike Cobb
English   Rachel Schwedt
English Language Institute   Rachel Schwedt
Family and Consumer Sciences   Barbara Potts
General Studies, College of   Rorie Fredrich
Government, Helms School of   Robert Weaver
Health Professions   Anne Foust
History   Mike Cobb
Honors   Cindy Schmidt
Robert Weaver
Law    The Ehrhorn Law Library
Mathematics   Abigail Sattler
Modern Languages   Rachel Schwedt
Music, School of   Rachel Schwedt
Nursing, School of   Hannah Lowder
Philosophy   Rusty Tryon
Psychology   Hannah Lowder
Public & Community Health   Anne Foust
School Counseling Program   Randy Miller
Sport Management   Kim Day
Studio & Digital Arts   Tim Siegel
Teacher Education   Shelley Oakley
Theatre Arts   Robert Weaver