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Biography Guidelines

Create a Professional Bio Page


Avoid overly personal details. I.e., Pets, hobbies, “funny” interests, names of your children and grandchildren. Remember, this is public information. Don’t add things that you wouldn’t want everyone to know. Because that’s exactly who can see your bio – everyone.


Avoid using dates. I.e., Being married for 20 years or working at Liberty for five years. In a year, this will be old and incorrect. Best to remove so content always stays accurate.


Avoid “At Liberty since…” If you’ve been at LU for one year, it’s not impactful and seems like you’re new and without experience. If you’ve been at LU for 30 years, it seems like you don’t have any experience except for being at Liberty. By removing, no one questions either.


List all degrees at the top of the bio under “Education,” with your most recently obtained degree first.


Avoid filling biography with info found under the Education section. It’s repeat info and users already scanned that. It seems like you don’t have experience or anything to offer other than your education.


Avoid referencing jobs and experience that are irrelevant to your current position. I.e., If you are an associate professor, don’t add that you used to work at Liberty in the mail room as a student, then in the Registrar when you graduated, etc. If you list a job, mention what relevant experience it brings.


Remove links to outside sites like your alma mater or a company you used to work at. You want your users to stay on your bio page and on Liberty’s site, not leave it to look at another organization. However, if you have a book published, it may be beneficial to link to it.


Translate job title/position. Not all job titles are self-explanatory or provide the reader with an accurate idea of what a staff member may do. Consider giving two to three job tasks.


Write in the third person. This has two benefits. First, it is more professional. Writing “I” makes your information subjective. Your experience should instead be an objective fact. Second, it will be consistent with the way other bio pages are written.


Display both emails and phone numbers if possible, making them as accessible as possible to students. Ideally, it should read:


(123) 345-6789
Office Location