This couple met on Liberty Facebook group “LU CRUSHES.” Now, they’re married

It all started with a 22-word Facebook post on LU Crushes. It ended in forever love.

Well known by many Liberty University students, LU Crushes is a Facebook page that allows students to post anonymously about classmates they are romantically interested in. Originally created around Valentine’s Day in 2013, the page has only grown in popularity and now has over 12,000 followers.

While most posts are lighthearted and completely anonymous, some have resulted in successful relationships.

Casandra (Cassy) and Max Johnson are proof that a simple LU Crushes post can lead to an actual date, and in their case, even marriage.

Lorena Rivera | Liberty Champion
ADVENTURE  — The couple is looking forward to the journey they are taking together.

The couple was introduced online April 25, 2017, when Max posted anonymously to LU Crushes: “Ladies, THIS is serious. I want to ask someone on a date. I love Disney, God, and hearing about YOU. Any takers?”

The post itself was anonymous, but Max commented and claimed it after it was posted. Cassy commented to wish him good luck, but had no original intentions of dating Max at the time. 

“We messaged back and forth, and he really wanted to meet in person,” Cassy said. “He kept asking if he could take me on a date, but I said no every time for several weeks.”

However, in June 2017, Max convinced Cassy to go on an official date for her birthday. 

“We went to the Lynchburg Humane Society, Monte Carlo Italian Restaurant and a baseball game with fireworks at the end,” Cassy said. “He was really sweet and made it very clear that he was interested.”

After officially dating for about six months, Max proposed Feb. 12, 2018, and the couple was married June 21, 2019, in Onley, Virginia, surrounded by their close friends and family.  

The Johnsons now reside in Lynchburg as they finish their degree programs through Liberty University Online (LUO). Cassy also works as an academic advisor for LUO, and Max is both a company manager and waiter locally.

They plan to eventually leave Lynchburg after graduation but are not sure yet where they will move.  

“It really just depends where God leads us in our careers,” Cassy said.

For current Liberty students who want to have success on LU Crushes, the Johnsons recommend to be completely honest, leave your name with your posts and keep an updated profile picture. 

“(LU Crushes) is commonly just a place to post jokes, but if you’re serious, it can actually work for you,” Max said. “(The rest of our) lives is going to be an adventure.”

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