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School Counseling Practicum Information

Practicum Overview

The primary focus of the School Counseling Practicum (EDCE 698) for the M.Ed in School Counseling program is to introduce candidates to the counseling environment and the development of counseling-related skills, ethics, and professionalism based on clinical activities and exposure to the counseling field in a setting qualitatively different from that of the culminating internship experience.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Profession, Ethical & Legal Issues in Counseling (EDCE 501) and Counseling Theories & Techniques (EDCE 505); 3.0 GPA; background check clearance; professional liability insurance through the American Counseling Association.

  • Professional, Ethical & Legal Issues in Counseling (EDCE 501) is an 8-week course and cannot be taken in the same semester as School Counseling Practicum (EDCE 698).
  • Counseling Theories & Techniques (EDCE 505) is an intensive and cannot be taken in the same semester as School Counseling Practicum (EDCE 698).

Site: An agency (clinical) setting such as a private practice, community service board, hospital, non-profit organization, or university counseling center. Note: Candidates will provide services only at the location and only those hours will be counted toward clinical hours accrual. Candidates will not leave the clinical site for home visits or other off-location destinations, nor is Liberty University responsible should the intern leave the site of record.

Site Supervisor: A licensed counselor such as an LPC, LCSW, or LMFT who is currently working in a counseling setting and who has at least three years of counseling experience and training in counselor supervision.

Hours: 150 cumulative hours during the 16-week semester, including at least 40 direct service hours such as client assessment, counseling, psycho-educational activities, and client consultation. The remaining 110 hours may include observation, maintaining case notes, consultation with other counselors, etc.

Detailed information on practicum requirements can be found in the School Counseling Program Manual on the Advising Guide. Questions can be emailed to schoolcounseling@liberty.edu.

Helpful Information

Application Deadlines
How to Apply for Practicum

In order to be registered for EDCE 698, you must submit an application on LiveText.

The instructions to complete the EDCE 698 Practicum Application on LiveText are as follows:

1. Log into LiveText
2. Click the “LiveText Docs” tab
3. Click on “+New”
4. Choose the “Gate Applications” dropdown list
5. Choose “EDCE 698 Practicum Application TEMPLATE” from the list
6. Click “Create Document” at the bottom of the screen
7. Title your application with your name
8. Click “OK”

Course Registration

After your practicum application is approved, you will be registered for the course by the School Counseling Field Coordinator. You will not be able to register for this course through ASIST.

Course Requirements
Site Supervisor Qualifications
Seeking a Practicum Placement

Candidates are responsible to arrange their own practicum placements. The School Counseling program offers a variety of suggestions on locating potential practicum sites. A list of sites previously used by candidates is also available. For these resources, please visit the School Counseling Practicum Sites page.