Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development

David Nasser

David Nasser was born in Iran but left the country with his family at age 9 during the Iranian Revolution. After almost a year in exile, his family moved to America. At age 18, he rejected his Muslim heritage and became a Christian. As one of the nation’s forefront speakers, David speaks to over 700,000 people each year using his God-given ability to reach the high tech, attention-lacking culture of Generation Next. The heart-cry of David’s ministry is to effectively present the same message, the Gospel of Christ, using fresh, post-modern methods.
Before coming to Liberty, he founded D. Nasser Outreach and Christ City Church near Birmingham, Ala., where he served as lead pastor.
In 2014, God introduced a new chapter into David’s life — serving as the campus pastor for Liberty University and overseeing the spiritual development of the study body, a responsibility that includes oversight of Convocation, North America’s largest weekly gathering of young people. As the Campus Pastor of the University, David leads nine departments within the Office of Spiritual Development, including LU Send, LU Serve, LU Stages, Worship Collective, LU Shepherds, and the Centers for Local, Domestic, International, and Online Engagement.