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New Cinematic Arts Program gives students professional skills and a portfolio of work

Cinematic Arts Program gives professional training from a Christian worldview

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The Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts Center has officially launched, and is providing students with exciting opportunities in the cutting edge fields of motion picture directing, screenwriting, cinematography, business affairs, and more.

Offering a Bachelor of Science in Cinematic Arts, the center serves to support the next generation of filmmakers with technical knowledge and a passion for implementing Christian values in a real-world model.

Executive Director Stephan Shultze recognizes the significance of industry connections. His goal is to see that students are constantly working alongside professionals in a production-setting environment.

“There should be no compromise in educating filmmakers. Cinema arts education should always include immersing students in a real-world model,” he said.

The Cinematic Arts major is a two-year cohort program that students apply to before their junior year. A minor in Cinematic Arts is also offered.

Graduates leave the program with technical knowledge of industry standard equipment, from “Red” camera packages to Avid edit bays, to ProTools and THX certified surround sound mixing experience. To ensure solid preparation for the field, students will also leave with several tangible items including their own short film, a screenplay and business plan, a reel of their own work, and a credit on a long format film.