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Technology Education Center

Liberty University's Technology Education Center offers a wide variety of certification and non-certification courses to meet your technology needs. Our classes are available for both faculty & staff members, and the general public.


We offer a variety of training and certifications to the LU Community and Regional Professionals seeking to advance their knowledge and skills. Browse the opportunities below per your classification. (LU Community will be required to sign-in.)





Individual Advancement Opportunities



Advancement Opportunities for the LU Community

Looking to grow your skill set? Explore our training and certification options to help set yourself apart in the workplace. 

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Advancement Opportunities for Regional Professionals

Enhance your skill set with training and certification options at Liberty University. Our expansive training and certification options help you achieve your professional goals and strategically sets you apart from the heard.

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"Our training and testing center is available to help empower your success in the workforce at Liberty University or Locally."