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B.S. in Youth Ministries: Women’s Leadership

Residential Degree in Youth Ministries: Women’s Leadership

Reach the next generation with the Gospel as you help to develop teens so they can impact future generations. Through the  B.S. in Youth Ministries: Women’s Leadership degree from Liberty University, you’ll also gain the communication skills and strategies you’ll need for beginning and organizing women’s ministry.

The B.S. in Youth Ministries degree will give you the professional skills you’ll need in planning, organizing, and developing Christian youth ministries. And the Women’s Leadership cognate presents a biblical theology of womanhood. This will prepare you to lead in today’s society and impact the church and culture with God’s truth.

This degree biblically challenges and practically equips those called to ministry in both the local church and youth organizations.

Academics: Women’s Leadership Cognate

Credit Hours

120 total credit hours

Program of Study (DCP)

Youth Ministries (B.S.): Women’s Leadership (DCP)

Admission Requirements

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Featured Youth Ministry & Women’s Leadership Courses

  • Strategies for Student Outreach (YOUT 310)
  • Contemporary Youth Communication (YOUT 448)
  • Survey of Women’s Ministries (WLED 220)
  • The Role of Christian Women in Ministry (WLED 330)

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Career Opportunities With This Degree

  • Ministry roles in bivocational settings
  • Ministry Director
  • Women’s Ministry Director
  • Christian Education Director
  • Ministry Associate