Podcasting (with love): Student podcaster uses platform to share stories and uplift listeners

Love and truth are inextricably linked. To love is to be changed, and to seek the heart of the Father is to be reformed in his likeness. We cannot abide in him and remain the same.

Jocelyn Miltz, a senior in the psychology department, created a podcast firmly rooted in these principles. Miltz said passion is “to see the world through the lens of the Father,” and her podcast entitled “With Love” reflects her heart posture.

One cannot love someone and withhold life-giving truth from them. This ideology forms Miltz’s intent behind her podcast. Prior to her decision to produce the podcast, Miltz found herself struggling with her identity in Christ. She was caught in the cyclical thought patterns of comparison and doubting God’s plan for her future.

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Miltz wrestled with God and inquired as to why he would be “withholding good from (her) life.” Within the midst of her muddled disposition and uncertainty of his presence, Miltz discovered that God did not fear her wrestling and gave her an answer. Miltz felt the call to start a podcast.

Miltz said that the Lord has used this podcast to reveal himself and his nature to her. She believes this podcast was a gift from God, and it has caused Miltz to fall more deeply in love with the nature of Christ. She hopes that this revelation will color her podcast and that every listener will rekindle a deep yearning for their heavenly Father.

As the podcast progresses, Miltz continues to pray for discernment. The stories and testimonies she intends to explore illustrate the diverse experiences of the Christian walk. Miltz hopes to interview guests from all phases of life and find voices that each listener can identify with. This February, Miltz plans to explore the topic of godly love and the blessing that each moment of life encompasses. Her episodes will feature guests who are married, single, engaged or dating to provide the full scope of biblical love.

Photo by Kelley Atkinson

Miltz’s ultimate goal for the podcast is to win souls for Christ. She said that this generation lacks truth and that God is calling his children to be his mouthpiece for a lost world. In this process, however, Miltz believes that God beckons his children to approach the world with a posture of humility and love.

“We cannot pick between truth and love; it is both. The world needs both,” Miltz said.

Miltz officially began her podcast at the end of January. Her first and second episodes can be streamed on all platforms. The first episode delves into the testimony of an adopted Liberty student while also exploring the theme of Christ’s love toward orphans.

The podcaster’s second episode discusses the story of a woman who had to learn to cling to the Lord after the loss of her fiancé. Each episode is 40-45 minutes long. More information can be found about the podcast on Instagram @_thewithlovepodcast_.

Callaghan is a feature reporter for the Liberty Champion

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