Building career connections: Business and communication students talk to recruiters

Students gathered at the LaHaye Multipurpose Center Feb. 13 for the Business and Communication Fair to network with potential employers.

With resumes in hand, students dressed in professional attire to attend this year’s career fair. Liberty University’s Career Services, which facilitated the event, welcomed 77 employers eager to engage with students seeking internships, part-time positions and full-time careers across various industries.

The event, which included employers like Optavise, Family Research Council, Chick-fil-A and Museum of the Bible, was targeted primarily for students of the School of Business and School of Communication & the Arts.

Photo by Anna Wheat

Sarah Fendrich, the assistant director of career coaching, described the pivotal role Career Services plays in supporting Liberty students’ career journeys.

“Within Career Services, we support all of the residential students, online students and alumni as they pursue their career journey and move forward in their career journey,” Fendrich said. “Each of our students and alumni get the jobs and internships that they are dreaming of, but also that God is really putting on their hearts to pursue.”

Fendrich described Career Services’ mission of bringing employers to campus, providing personalized career coaching, conducting career readiness workshops and facilitating participation in the Washington Fellowship.

Fendrich emphasized the importance of bridging academic excellence with moral and ethical standards, a distinctive feature highly valued by employers recruiting from Liberty.

Photo by Anna Wheat

“Employers are prioritizing our students not only because of their high academics, but also because of their moral and ethical standards, and they see that as a value, even if they are not Christian organizations,” Fendrich said. 

At the Business and Communication Fair, students could network with recruiters, alumni and professionals in their respective fields. 

“I have enjoyed all the opportunities, the wide varieties of different jobs that I could go for and getting the experience of talking to people and getting out there,” Christian
Duncan, a junior studying computer engineering, said. 

Fendrich encouraged students to seize networking opportunities through events like the Business and Communication Fair to showcase their skills and build connections.

“Even though career fairs can seem intimidating, I encourage students to just go and try it out. Take advantage of the events and opportunities that are available,” Fendrich said. 

Photo by Anna Wheat

Moreover, Fendrich highlighted the upcoming career development events, including the Liberty Job Expo, Education Career Fair and Virtual Career Fair. She emphasized the inclusivity of these events, catering to students across disciplines and interests.

“The Liberty Job Expo, Education Fair and Virtual Fair really are for a broad range of students,” Fendrich said. “I would encourage each of our students to pursue and look to see if that might be a good fit for them.”

Offering advice for students navigating their career paths, Fendrich urged them to engage in research, attend workshops and utilize Career Services resources, including one-on-one coaching sessions and walk-in hours at the Career Center.

Through these opportunities, students can learn more about LinkedIn, cover letter-writing and resume-building skills. 

Fendrich also encouraged students to visit Handshake for the chance to explore over 20,000 jobs and internships posted specifically for Liberty students. 

To learn more about Career Services and the opportunities it offers, visit this website.

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