Student opinion: Biden’s documents and Trump’s candidacy

The White House recently revealed that visitor logs are not kept at President Joseph Biden’s Delaware residence. This revelation was made after the chairman of the House Oversight Committee asked for these logs in response to classified materials’ being found in Biden’s garage. This is just one of a half dozen discoveries related to classified materials being found in Biden’s possession that date back to his time as vice president in the Obama administration. 

In response to the discovery of these classified materials, Attorney General Merrick Garland has announced a Special Counsel to investigate the matter. Some have celebrated the president’s willingness to go along with investigations, drawing distinctions between President Biden’s handling of classified materials and former President Donald Trump’s. 

However, when the two cases of documents are examined, we can see a clear discrepancy and double standard within our government as it deals with both presidents. 

President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI in connection to classified documents being found there. This is despite the fact that these documents had been reported multiple times to the National Archives, and the FBI had visited Trump’s residence prior to review these documents. This is in addition to the fact that Trump claims to have declassified all the documents found at his home when he was still president, a power that presidents have but vice presidents do not. 

No one knew about  Biden’s documents before they were found by his lawyers in his office and home. Despite this, no FBI raid was conducted, no serious media coverage was given and no one knows who saw the documents that Biden had.

These situations clearly point to a double standard between the way Trump was treated and the way that Biden is being treated by the Justice Department. 

Ultimately, the document situation — including the double standard and the selective judgement from the Justice Department — indicates that this is just the latest attempt to discredit Trump in light of his announcement of a 2024 run, whether one supports that run or not. 

Left-wing activists have been doing everything they can to make it impossible for Trump to be president again, whether it be the Jan. 6 hearings, which bore no serious evidence against the former president, the setup dinner between Trump, Kanye West and Nick Fuentes or the frivolous lawsuits against him and his companies. 

Leftist officials and media have been doing this since his election in 2016 when they tried to discredit the results by claiming that Russia had interfered. When that didn’t work, they tried to impeach him over a phone call with the Ukrainian president — the same Ukrainian president they now funnel billions of dollars to. 

There are legitimate gripes one can have about President Trump. There are valid reasons to support or not to support his run for president in 2024. Regardless, it is easy to see those who hold left-wing power have been against him from the start and will do anything to keep him from rising to the Oval Office once again. 

Hughes is an opinion writer for the Liberty Champion. Follow him on Twitter

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  • Hughes,

    I know it is an opinion piece but this is really one-sided to the point where it’s propaganda. Why are you pushing Trump’s scandals under the rug? Conservatives shouldn’t do that, and they should move on. He committed a quid pro quo in Ukraine, and where you said that they didn’t find any evidence in the January 6th hearings is simply not true-even conservatives will tell you that. I’m not a leftist, but the way how this article was conducted warrants a response in my view.

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