We must find comfort in Christ in the midst of chaos

In the world of COVID-19, social distancing makes it difficult to do pretty much anything. 

With spring here and the smell of warmer days on the soft breeze, many people are longing to step outside and trade the stiff household air for the fresh outdoors. Even with COVID-19, this spring can still be one to fondly remember.

Focus on the Family wrote an adaptation of an article originally written by Larry Burkett. The article claims that the key to contentment is not found in satisfaction with the current situation, but rather in being satisfied with God’s plan for our lives – wherever it may lead.

This powerful statement is essential to remember, especially now in this time of uncertainty. The situation is downright garbage, but Christians have to know and believe that God has a plan and he will carry it through.

The COVID-19 crisis will not last forever, and Christians must be content that it will end and there will be brighter days ahead. Joyce Meyer wrote an article for Joyce Meyer Ministries in which she discussed the importance of praying about what we desire while also remaining grateful for everything God has already granted.

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Meyer wrote that we should be grateful at all times, even when we feel like we have nothing to be grateful for, because God writing our names in “the Lamb’s Book of Life… alone is more than enough.”

Christ’s strength was also the answer for Paul. Lifeway posted an excerpt written by Robby Gallanty that discusses that Paul was able to find contentment in both happy and sad situations because of Christ. Gallanty said that Paul writes in Philippians about “delighting in Christ no matter where we find ourselves.” 

An article by Core Christianity also discusses Paul’s contentment. According to the article, Paul didn’t let his circumstances control him, even though at some points his circumstances were pretty dire.

It isn’t always easy to be content in a current or upcoming situation. Maybe it’s getting passed over for a position or that there’s not enough time in a day to accomplish everything that needs doing.

Fact: Life is stressful and doesn’t always go according to plan. However, Christians can be assured that life will always go God’s way, even without understanding why. 

Bible Money Matters cites Rob Kuban’s book “Christ-Centered Contentment” which says that contentment comes from our convictions and not our circumstances.

It doesn’t matter how bad things look because Christians can find contentment in any situation because God says that we don’t have to let the things of this world affect us. Yes, our circumstances will change for better or worse, but Christians should not depend on circumstances since they depend on God. Why should finding contentment be any different?

God wants us to find comfort in him and not in the world. Sometimes in order to realize that, something needs to happen to show that Christians really can’t depend on the world for their contentment. The only person Christians should trust enough to affect our state of mind is God.

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