Here’s what you need to know about “Nomad Movies,” Lynchburg’s drive-in movie experience

At the beginning of April, local Lynchburg coffee shop Nomad Coffee Co. shared an ominous Instagram post from another account: Nomad Movies. The picture was simple, a new logo resembling the Nomad Coffee logo, but now reading “Nomad Movies,” with the caption, “More details to come. You’ll be blown away.” 

The post soon gained some attention throughout the community, with people sharing it on their stories and wondering what the surprise could be. The new page’s bio claimed Nomad Movies as “Lynchburg’s drive-in movie experience,” exciting fans all over town. 

“We’ve had this idea for a bit,” Nomad Coffee owner Joshua Davies said. “I really felt for people that were used to … going out and just getting outside of their house. Virtually every option for that was taken away overnight.”

Davies took this idea and began to work quickly, buying necessary equipment needed for outdoor movies and setting up the required licenses to get his new venture up and moving. 

On the evening of April 19, a video resembling the opening scenes of a Star Wars movie was posted on the Nomad Movies Instagram page, explaining Nomad Movies going forward.

The dramatic video explained that Nomad’s mission was to give back to their community, and they felt this was a way to encourage others. The video also explained that the proceeds from their launch night are going to be donated to nonprofits in the area.

Nomad Movies explained that they want “to help flatten the curve, give back to our beloved community, and enjoy a movie separately, together.” They then asked that community members send ideas and continue to follow them as they launch the movie experience. 

The drive-in movie experience was put to the test April 27 when Nomad held itssoft opening at the Lynchburg Humane Society for volunteers and staff members only. 

“They haven’t seen each other in two months,” Davies said. “It was cool seeing the cars drive in and them waving to each other and being able to see each other and somewhat enjoy a movie together.”

Davies is also introducing a 21st-century concession system for Nomad Movie nights that also abides by social distancing guidelines. With this system, audience members are able to order on their phones, sending a notification to Nomad carhops that bring concessions straight to the cars. 

The next day, Nomad Movies posted their most recent and most popular update, showing a picture of a giant inflatable screen playing a movie, along with a long list of questions and answers that the community had long been waiting for.

They explained in the post that their location could be virtually anywhere in the area, as their set-up process is completely portable. They also said they hoped to model their traveling service after Nomad Coffee Co. The new movie experience will launch the first weekend of May at the Mountain View Vintage Market with tickets available for purchase on their website. For more information, follow Nomad Movies on Instagram (@NomadMovies) or visit their website at 

Savanna Graves is the asst. Feature Editor. Follow her on Twitter @SavannaLeigh

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