Opinion: Taylor Swift is a bad influence on young girls

Editor’s note: Troutman writes this with total respect for Taylor Swift. Troutman wanted to take the time to call into question some of the artist’s misguiding behaviors. 

If you were born in the late 90s and early 2000s, there is a large chance that you were or are a Taylor Swift fan.

Swift rose to stardom during the early 2000s, capturing her younger female audience with fun songs about love and adventure. She was a 16-year-old girl with a guitar that knew how to perform and write songs to which her audience could relate. 

Ever heard of a ‘Swiftie?’ This is the name given to her fans throughout
the years. 

Now in 2019, Taylor Swift is still strong with a large empire of ‘Swifties’ eager to hear her new music. 

Amidst all the hair flipping and genre changes in Swift’s career, one theme has remained the same — her negative influence on young girls. 

When you take a stroll through Taylor Swift’s past albums, every record can be linked to a breakup she went through. 

Remember the album ‘Speak Now’ and the song ‘If this was a movie’? These songs were directly targeted at John Mayor after they broke up
in 2010. 

A more recent example is Swift’s album “Reputation,” which features many songs that thrash on ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. One of Taylor Swift’s trademarks is using past relationships as inspiration for her songs. 

Many artists do this. They use their personal experiences and write songs about them. There seems to be nothing wrong with this, right? 

Personally, I appreciate an artist who is willing to dive deep into personal experiences and create art out of it. The issue with Swift is not how she writes about her life but more of how she sets an example for young girls and how they should treat men. 

Date a boy, fall in love, get your heart broken and write songs about him. It was a never-ending cycle, and no one seemed to care that she was doing this. 

Google Images
EXAMPLE — Taylor Swift fails to exemplify a healthy atttitude toward
relationships to her young fans.

In fact, every time Swift has a breakup, most people ask when the next album will be dropping and what songs will detail the reason for breaking up. 

While growing up, Swift set the example for the young girls around me. 

Instead of showing girls how to respect men and set an example of how to have a healthy relationship, Swift only sends the message that unstable, sporadic relationships are okay because you can make money off of the break-up. 

Where does this lead her audience?

While this may not be Swift’s intention when she writes songs about her past relationships, there seems to be a hint of manipulation when the artist has a track record of using breakups with men to
make money. 

Now, as Swift embarks on a new phase of her career with the recent release of “Lover,” people may need to recognize her misguiding behaviors and the role she plays in influencing her audience. 

Is it okay that she mistreats men in her songs and makes money off of doing so? What do the past boyfriends have to say about the accusations within the songs? 

The most powerful way to bring down a music empire that is blasting a misguiding message is to stop listening.


  • Maybe Part 2 to this story is how she is using her influence to promote the Equality Act! This is the most dangerous thing she has done yet! The Equality Act sounds great, but is a wolf in sheep’s clothing! This act is designed to literally take awake religious freedoms and that surpasses trashing her past boyfriends! That is an “act” against Christians!

    • I’ll have you know that the equality act is so that everyone can be treated as a human being. Honey, you can think all you want, but the equality act is not an act against Christians. It’s so that the LGBTQ+ Community doesn’t have to be kicked out of somewhere just because the owners don’t feel comfortable. Because Taylor Swift is fighting for BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS and you are being totally misleading. Someone should be free to be whoever they want and feel safe and comfortable. Oh and if you think this is against Christians, even the POPE said that we are ALL children of god. Young people should be encouraged to be themselves. This is good for mental health. So get your walnut-sized brain out of the clouds and stop sending hate to Taylor Swift, who is a wonderful influence. I love her. Stop being a stupid homophobic karen.

      • I agree…with some of it. I agree that they are basic human rights, but if the owners are uncomfortable, it’s their right to refuse service. 1st amendment. If a bbq place tried to kick me out because I am a vegetarian, would I be angry? Actually, probably not. It’s their right, I have to accept it. I can go to the salad place down the street. End of story.

    • Excuse me what? The most ironic thing ever is how you even said that it’s the equality act. It’s even funny that you are clueless to say that equality is against Christians. Clearly you’re just an idiot. I myself am a part of the LGBTQ+ community and I love being myself. What can I say? I shake it off. ️‍️‍

      • The equality act is against Christians because they are forcing Christian businesses to help support lgbtq members which goes against our beliefs; of course we should help people no matter their orientation in medical emergencies but when this comes to organizing a gay wedding or anything like that it forces us to go against God, the equality act only makes people who do not agree with lgbtq to bow down and that is the problem, you guys can have your rights but religious liberties need to be respected as well

  • This article is dumb lol. She’s amazing, she teaches young girls to uplift themselves and her songs are so much more than “breakup songs” that make men out to be villains. This article is stupid and by my best judgment, I’ve come to the conclusion that the unintelligent person who wrote this article has probably only heard Taylor’s music once, never heard anything that she has had to say. Trash article. Sorry not sorry.

    • You are just addicted.

    • Are you dumb?

    • She is rude to people you probably love more than her I’ve met her once asked for an autograph and she looked at me and said “did you call me a bitch” I said no because I looked up to her and she replied back “You’re little like 13, watch what you say if you don’t I would punch your ugly ass teeth out” and I 15. I’m no longer a fan I pretend I don’t know who she is I prefer Rap, R&B, And Hip Hop mostly Mexican because I’m a Mexican?

      • Excuse me? Really? Was that really Taylor Swift? If you don’t like her then it is your opinion. She is an awesome singer and the sweetest person. Please stop spreading fake news but if it really happened, do you have proof? Where did you meet her? Did anyone else hear? Well, media loves eavesdropping so if they very probably know, then why is there no news like that?
        This article is as dumb as your brain.

    • I feel u. I am a swiftie, forever and always.

    • Ariana Grande Lover

      Oh, stop being a hater guys. Not ok!

      • I did not agree with this article at all. Some people in this world believe it is ok to spread hate. This is not ok, please stop. Taylor Swift is a great artist (in my opinion) and, yes, some of her songs are about break ups. But, there is so much more to her music. I support the lgbtq community and I respect those who do not because that is they’re opinion. But I find it so wrong for people to bully a young and talented artist. Please stop spreading hate, even if you do not like Taylor Swift. (Also swifties for life)

    • I agree. Many of her songs are about relationships, not break ups. She doesn’t trash her exe (except maybe for John Meyer) she writes about feelings and emotions. I find it funny that the writer things she should be singing about respecting men – I don’t think that’s a big issue for them! Given that she’s still only 30 and has been in a relationship for 4 years, she was just writing about her early dating life and I think she gives a great message that you don’t just stick with the first one, if they’re not right. I also think she’s a great example to girls. She stands up for herself in a male dominated world but remains a nice, decent person. I’d advise the writer to listen to her song ‘The Man’ and watch the video that she wrote and directed. It’s a great piece of modern social commentary.

  • Good article. Thank you. There are two more aspects of Taylor Swift that are not healthy for girls. Swift is a bully, attacking and trashing her competitors and siccing her “Swifties” on them, all the while claiming that she is a victim of hate. She creates drama and havoc across the music industry.

    It’s a marketing strategy Swift uses to promote her brand, and it sends a very confusing and destructive message to young people.

    The other Swift message that’s not healthy: Can’t carry a tune? Can’t write superb sophisticated songs? That’s okay, instead of studying music and improving your singing skills, just take your clothes off and prance around the stage. Like Madonna. Only Madonna is much more talented.

    • Ughh some of you are just haters.Swifties for life. Btw Kanye west sucks. Also Taylor does not make guys seem like villains you liar she is just saying the guys sshe HAS dated are jerks so stop hating. Cause all the swifties got crowns. Sorry for the lash out. All I can say is look what you made me do

      • This is the exact thing Taylor does, look how she affects young girls, spread hate/bully “Kanye West sucks” “you lair” create drama “lash out” and act like the victim “look what you made me do” damn

    • Madonna can’t Carry a tune either. Bad example. Madonna might be a good performer ( 30 years ago, although i prefer Kate bush ) she isn’t a good singer. She did have verry good marketing.
      Don’t like taylor swifts music, yet this article is ridicolous.
      And the christian argument, i’m sorry but if your book tells you to judge others it might be a bad book.

  • She makes mistakes. She isn’t perfect as anyone of us. Her songs are great and as we don’t say that artists that make songs about death are bad, we can’t say Taylor Swift is bad because of writing break-up songs. I agree with one of the coments , they aren’t just break-up songs , they have a history and there are more songs that aren’t about break up in Taylor Swift’s career. She is just amazing and she deserves all the good things , awards and things she has won or take during her career. Love Taylor .

  • Sometimes when I read Swifties comments, i wonder if she herself is writing those.
    One can Totally expect this from her and her PR management.b

  • when men do the exact same thing no one bats an eyelash but the minute taylor swift writes songs it’s bad? tell the boys not to do bad things. also i’ve been a fan for a long time and she’s made me a better person

    • yup, I knew this article is just stupid and fake, so ur telling us everyone can write breakup songs but when Taylor swift does it, it just becomes a bad influence…wow!! sorry for being rude but I suggest u to stop spreading hate!! what u said here is fake, u people don’t write like this about any other artist…u just write it only for Taylor.
      why u gotta hate so much?? but u know, haters gonna hate!! again wasn’t trying to be rude but u asked for it….next time just stop spreading hate and try to appreciate her beautiful work. Love Taylor.

      • You’re saying that to defend her and if you WANT me to change my mind, give me a good lyric that actually has intelligence and wisdom into it.


  • This article is absolutely terrible. Your misogyny is showing.

  • Hey Mad Hattie, just admit it that you don’t like TS. Stop saying she’s a bad influence to others! Look up folkore & evermore where most songs are not about her.

  • This is very dumb. Taylor Swift makes break-up songs, yes, I admit, but those songs are telling girls they can be powerful and speak up to what they think is right. I support the LGBTQ+ community and she made a whole music video about how the LGBTQ+ community needs rights and how they should be respected. She is not going against Christians. And, she does not like Kanye West because at the 2009 music awards, Taylor Swift won the “Best Female Music Video Of The Year” award for “You Belong With Me” and just about as Taylor Swift was about to give her speech, Kanye West went up to the stage, right in front of her, and yelled, “Beyonce should have won this!!” That broke Taylor’s heart. And also, she was 20. She was still in school. The crowd was booing at Kanye West, but Taylor thought they were booing at her. And then a couple years later, Kanye West made a song calling her a b**** and saying that he made her famous. And, on the news, he claimed that he got Taylor’s permission to put her in the song. Taylor did agree, but only to have her NAME in it. Now, I know this is an opinion, but, watch Miss Americana on Netflix. She went through so much, that I can’t understand how she is still making music.

  • To all the haters here. Swifties will always love her. I have an 11 year old daughter who lives her and I don’t find her a bad influence but a good one. My child has found a passion in singing and listens to her clean sings and sings along. My dayghter wants to become a singer 1 day and is determined too. Thank you so much Taylor and as swifties say, haters gonna hate and we will just shake it off

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