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“You are not defined by what you do, but by who Jesus is to you.”



What defines you? Chances are, you have allowed either what you do or do not do to define you. Maybe it is not what you do but what people have said about you that has defined you in some way. Again, let us read that first sentence. Carl Lentz spoke this powerful word to us Wednesday, April 8. A word meant to shake the very foundation of what it means to be a follower of Christ. If we allow who Jesus is to define who we are, it changes everything.

Lentz challenged us to “occupy our streets.” We are the light of the world. God wants to use us now. In this very moment. He’s looking for people who are available. Who are ready to grab hold of the calling God has placed on their life. Do not miss the moment. Lentz gave us two words that need to be eradicated from our vocabulary — someday and almost. We need to have an urgent passion to bring forth the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Matt Chandler spoke to us Friday, April 10, with grace and compassion, yet his message was filled with conviction. You do not have to have it all together. In fact, you cannot have it all together. If you could, you wouldn’t need Jesus. Our primary goal and focus is to fix our eyes on Jesus. We do not need to clean ourselves up. Christ did that on the cross. Ultimately, we need to live every moment with our eyes fixed on Jesus alone. Our time is now.

Let this be our prayer — Lord, shake us up. Let nothing stop us from being salt and light in this world right now — right where we are.

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