Virginia 10-miler to hold 39th race

The Virginia 10-Miler will take place Saturday, Sept. 28 and Sunday, Sept. 29 in Lynchburg, Va., giving central Virginia residents a chance to be healthy and get involved in the community.

According to the event’s website, this year celebrates the Virginia 10-Miler’s 39th year of bringing in people of all ages to participate in a variety of races to promote community togetherness and physical exercise. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the race of their choice, including the 10-mile race, four-mile race and the Amazing Mile Children’s Run.

According to the website, participants should arrive at Amazement Square in Downtown Lynchburg at 4:30 p.m., Friday, Sept. 28, pick up their packets and enjoy the opening festivities. The main event races start at 8 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 29.

“The Virginia 10-Miler has received incredible sponsors from the Lynchburg area to help coordinate the entire event,” Jeff Fedorko, Virginia 10-Miler race coordinator and Riverside Runners owner, said. “Liberty University is a major sponsor, providing over 100 volunteers who are currently working to help coordinate the event’s preproduction and the main event dates.”

According to Fedorko, volunteers from Liberty will be involved in everything from race setup the day before to registration and traffic control at the event.

“Liberty is encouraging its employees to be involved to promote individual health and wellness and to participate in a community event in the Lynchburg area,” Fedorko said.

Fedorko also talked about the event’s success in years past to get people involved to help coordinate and participate in the races.

“When the Virginia 10-Miler first started, the only race participants could run in the was the 10-mile course,” Fedorko said. “Now, the event features a variety of course options with varying lengths for people of all ages and abilities. The event has experienced consistent growth in its 38 years of hosting races. Liberty is so excited about the Virginia 10-Miler that they are reimbursing its employees (who) choose to help organize the event and run or walk in one of the races.”

This is not the first time this event has made waves in the community during its 39-year history.

“A number of world records have been set at the races,” Fedorko said. “We have had several Olympians participate in previous years because of the organization’s efforts to promote community togetherness and human health.”

According to the website, more than 3,000 people will be participating in this year’s races. Registration for the event starts at $15 for the children’s races and up to $60 for the 10-mile race.

More information about the Virginia 10-Miler, including online registration, can be found at

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