Father’s Table offers fresh food in Forest

The aroma of fresh baked goods greeted costumers as they ordered their food and settled comfortably into the black cafe chairs.

Sweet escape — Father’s Table Cafe and Bakery, located in Forest, welcomes Liberty students to visit and enjoy a free coffee with any purchase. Photo provided

“This is our first time here,” freshman Emily Burke said, who ventured to the bakery with her roommate for some quiet time away from Liberty University’s campus. “I haven’t even gotten my food yet, and I already like it.”

Woven coffee bags from Costa Rica and Columbia decorated the walls while large cases exhibited rows of pastries, donut holes and frosted cakes. To the right sits a coffee bar to which customers returned to warm their cups of brew.

“This is a really friendly atmosphere,” freshman Andrea Prater said. “It would be a really great place to study.”

Father’s Table Catering, Bakery and Cafe, located only 10 minutes from Liberty’s campus, in Forest, offers a comfortable environment with quality products.

“We have European type pastries and made-from-scratch donuts,” Father’s Table owner and Chef Ken Reed said. “Actually, most of our products are made from scratch, which is not often done in large-scale bakeries. That is pretty unique in today’s day and age.”

Reed uses New York style recipes and techniques learned from his during his culinary school experience in the Big Apple.

“What we’ve created here is a New York-style bakery, with New York-style products, which you will not find in any other locale in the area,” Reed said.

In addition to a wide range of baked goods, Reed features many lunch and dinner options including soups, sandwiches and salads which are topped with Reed’s own “My Dad’s Dressings.”

“My Dad’s Dressing was born in New York between 10 and 12 years ago, when I was catering for Greek occasions,” Reed said. “I couldn’t find a suitable dressing that compared to authentic Greek dressings. We started squeezing the lemons and grating the cheese, and that’s how we came up with our Garlic Parmesan dressing.”

Reed’s “My Dad’s Dressings” has become a successful business venture, in itself, now sold in Whole Foods Markets, a national chain that caters to organic health food shoppers.

Although Father’s Table cafe has only opened its doors a few months ago, it has seen several visitors from Liberty. After releasing a promotional notice on Liberty website “splash page,” student customers have slowly gained momentum.

“We see a couple Liberty students each day,” Reed said. “We would love for Liberty students to get more involved.”

Reed’s considers himself a part of the “Liberty Family,” with one daughter working for Liberty and another attending as a student.

“We’ve just honored the Lord in our giving and he has honored us over and above our expectations,” Reed said. “I would love to draw more Liberty students here.”

Reed has created an offer specifically for Liberty students that will be available until the end of spring semester. Students who show their Liberty ID will receive a complementary coffee with any purchase of any price until May 21.

“We would just like to give Liberty back a little of what they have blessed us with,” Reed said.

Father’s Table is located at 18396 Forest Rd. in Forest. Contact Father’s Table at their website, fatherstablecatering.com, Facebook page or call 434-316-7232.

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