Goo Goo for Gaga

Be careful collegiate ears what you hear.

Lady Gaga’s popularity is increasing across Liberty’s campus and some are wondering, “Are Liberty college women finding their guidelines for a good role model in the Bible or in tabloids?”

With that being said, for whom are the women that young women turn up the volume for?

Too often Christian college women look to fad celebrities to as role models, when instead they should be looking to godly women who display the character traits found in Proverbs 31.

COED Magazine assembled a list of the 50 most searched women on the Internet in 2010. Unfortunately, there are no women on this list that are devout Christians that commonly speak out about their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Instead, a woman known for her controversial songs and eccentric attitude was found to be the most searched woman on the Internet — Lady Gaga.

During an interview with Larry King on CNN news, he asked her about her religious views.

She gave the following response, “I am quite religious.”

Gaga says she believes in Jesus and God but there is no evidence to backup this claim.

Gaga may believe that Jesus was a man, but she must not believe that he was the Son of God or else her life would display the affects of such a life changing belief.

“Although Gaga has exceptional musical and artistic talent; I would not classify her as an acceptable role model due to her risqué lyrics, costumes, and performances,” Liberty Junior Ashley Shaw said it well.

Everyone knows that Gaga’s antics are not one’s to be tried at home.

“I’m telling you a lie in a vicious effort that you will repeat my lie over and over until it becomes true,” Lady Gaga said.

In contrast, the Bible gives a much different view on the quality of speech of a role model. The majority of an individual’s character is discerned by his words. Why listen to a lie?

Unlike Gaga, Beth Moore has implemented the proverbs into every aspect of her life. The best selling author, Beth Moore, has impacted millions of women internationally through her biblically based organization, Living Proof Ministries since 1994.

“We’re going to have to let truth scream louder to our souls than the lies that have infected us,” Beth Moore said in her book “So Long, Insecurity: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us.”

Moore has consistently followed the Lord for the past 35 years through her obedience in evangelizing and discipling God’s daughters.

On the official site of Living Proof Ministries, Moore’s biography is provided with a powerful testimony stating when and why she has decided to unconditionally and irrevocably follow Jesus Christ.

Following her profession of faith, Moore became living proof of the grace and purpose God promises in the Bible.

Moore uses all mediums to teach God’s word. Moore hosts a television show on LIFE Today titled “Wednesday’s with Beth.” Similarly, Moore teaches on a radio show, “Living Proof with Beth Moore.” Finally, she leads in conferences which have been attended by 421,000 women according to Life Spring Community Church.

“Beth Moore is considered as a woman of the four P’s — purpose, preparation, prayer, and passion,” according to The Online Vine.

So why are many of the same women who participate in Beth Moore’s Bible studies curling up with popcorn to watch the latest Lady Gaga video debut?

Moore has proven to be hard working, charitable and concerned for the needs of others, which match up with the Proverbs 31 standard, while Gaga has openly admitted to perpetuating a lie to her fans. As Christians, is it wise to lend an ear to the secular entertainment industry?

Be careful collegiate ears what you hear, the principles of the Sunday school song still hold true in adult life.


  • First of all, I find this article very offensive. I find it completely out of place and lacking any type of professional writing skills. Who ever wrote this article and supported its publishing first need to check themselves before they pass judgements on others. The religious views of others are simply no one else’s business. Lady Gaga or whoever the subject may be should be able to voice their religious views without condemnation from others. Passing judgement on someone is wrong and especially when you are commenting on their relationship with God. Someones personal relationship with God is their business, no one else’s.

  • It seems to me that the kinds of people who follow Jesus and decide to listen to Lady GaGa are not the kinds of people who would be helped by the advice “Listen to Beth Moore instead.” If you think there’s real danger in listening to GaGa, don’t you think you would better serve the women around you by asking them why they make certain decisions concerning their media? Or what if you explored the kinds of questions GaGa is asking and the kinds of statements she’s making and how the Church of Jesus Christ might offer a compassionate, gospel-saturated response?

    Telling women in our churches “Gaga-Bad, Beth Moore-Good” will not be helpful. Why? Probably because the kinds of things GaGa is saying are speaking to people in a real way. If you think that way is contrary the Gospel, then you would do your sisters a better service to explore why it is that we tend to be drawn to people who talk and think this way today.

    And what of Lady GaGa as an artist? What of her statements on fashion and beauty? Why is our culture so fascinated with her? Can we appreciate her contribution as an artist without being drawn away from the Truth revealed in Jesus Christ? It seems to me that these are the more fundamental and more important questions! Yet you’ve failed to mention them, much less interact with them.

    Bottom line: If we wanted to hear “Gaga: Bad, Beth Moore: Good” we can get that from anyone still entrenched in the idea that we should remove ourselves from culture. But I think if we wanted instead to interact with culture, challenge it and be agents of redemption in it for the sake of the Gospel, we might think to seek help from student-intellectuals at a Christian institution. The Champion could be a place for these kinds of discussions. Instead, it seems that articles like this are simply content to remind us that the world is repelled by the gospel, which really isn’t surprising news at all. What is surprising is that the solution given here is to retreat to our safe bubbles.

  • Both comments are excellent. Who in the real world honestly thinks telling young girls that what they listen to is evil and “bad” expects their 18-21 year old ears to listen? I am a born-again, washed in the blood, Bible believing Christian, and i listen mostly to K-Love and Spirit FM. But, once in a while I may pop in something not Christian; when I work out, etc. Am I in grave danger of falling into Satan’s trap? Umm. NO.
    Let’s all go bury our collective heads in the sand and wait for Jesus–forget spreading His love and celebrating His victory that has ALREADY been won! Praise His name forever, He is stronger than some weirdo Mtv chick.

  • “COED Magazine assembled a list of the 50 most searched women on the Internet in 2010. Unfortunately, there are no women on this list that are devout Christians that commonly speak out about their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ”—then let’s BE THOSE WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO?!?!?

  • I guess spirit cooking & is ok with God in Heaven? That is Satanic! BETTER WATCH WHO YOU FOLLOW WILL LEAD YOU OFF A CLIFF!

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