The Walkman still plays in our hearts

Sadness struck many generations when Sony announced last week that the Walkman would stop production after 31 years of creating beloved music players.  Through nostalgia, we can all remember a time when we listened to cassette tapes.

“First introduced in 1979, it has sold more than 220 million units worldwide,” according to Leslie Horn of

Whether we borrowed our sibling’s Walkman or if we envied Kevin McCallister’s Talk-boy Walkman in “Home Alone,” no one can deny the role that Walkman played in our childhood years.

In this day and age, with iPods so prolific, we must pay homage to the ancient piece of technology that led to

iPod’s creation.

Anyone who no longer has to suffer through music-less long flights or car rides can thank Masaru Ibuka, the engineer responsible for creating the first model of portable players in 1978.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you, Walkman.

Thank you for providing us music for portable enjoyment.

Thank you for all of the memories you have created for past generations, and I look forward to relaying those memories to future generations.

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