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What Word Is Your Life Built On?

Mustard Seed Chronicles: Story Time with LU Grandma

I love sharing the things that the Lord teaches me.

Last night, maybe like all of you, I was trying to find something good to do with my time. I decided to play Bananagrams by myself. If you have never played, it is like Scrabble only you make your own crossword puzzle with the letter tiles and can rearrange your letters once you have put them in your crossword puzzle. You start with one word out of the tiles that you choose and then all the other words are built on that word.

After I had worked on it for probably 45 minutes my husband came out to see what I was doing and started looking at my words. He said, “You can take this letter and put it over here and it will make a word.” And he was right! Then he added another, “You can move this letter over here and put this one with it and that’ll be a word.” He was right again! What great help he was to me!

When he surveyed all the words on my board, he said, “Honey, ‘tottle’ is not a word. The word is spelled ‘toddle’. OH NO! I had built my whole almost 100-piece crossword puzzle on that as my first word!  All my thinking, planning, and working for almost an hour had been for nothing. All the tiles came off the table back into the bag to be put away.

Although this was only a game and lives did not depend on it or me, it made me think about my life and all our lives. The only true foundation we should be building on is the true inerrant WORD, the Bible. If we build our lives on what the world says, what a philosopher or a politician says, and not what God says, then we can waste our entire life and be of absolutely no good to our families or anyone else because we are not building on the truth.


Heavenly Father, Your word is the only absolute truth that we have in this world. It is the only truth we should build our lives on if we want to live our lives correctly and for Your glory. It is the only firm foundation.  Everything else is like shifting sand. I ask that You please convict us when we stray from these truths to whatever trend is current and what others call socially and politically correct. We know that only when we live our lives based on the Bible will we really count for anything, but it must start there. Help us, Lord, please!

I pray in the precious name of Jesus.


Meet the Author

Timi Plyter

“LU Grandma”

Lead Parent Advocate




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