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Life On Campus

There’s always something going on at Liberty. Nearly every major offers an academic organization, and the opportunities to volunteer, join a club or get involved with social causes are numerous. You’ll stay busy, but make sure to schedule some time to unwind. Hit a few of the campus hot spots such as the LaHaye Student Union for a workout or the Student Center for a cup of coffee and some socializing between classes.

Campus Recreation keeps students moving with a variety of recreational activities. From paintball to horseback riding, whitewater rafting trips and waterskiing to chess and video game tournaments, Campus Recreation offers something for everyone.

Student Affairs

campus recreation

Campus recreation

Online Learning Students

online learning students can stay connected

Liberty University’s fully-accredited online program is great for its flexibility and convenience, but online students can still stay connected to the campus. We invite you to visit us in Lynchburg to attend sporting events, hang out at the Student Center for a coffeehouse night or take a class that requires on-campus intensives.