Shooting a scene

flash — Noah Lhomi received a university scholarship for capturing images of the world around him. Photo credit: Lauren Adriance

Photographer from Nepal nabs a scholarship with his pictures It was 15 years ago that the civil war broke out in Nepal. It was 15 years ago that the armies were torturing Christians and burning Bibles. It was 15 years ago that Noah Lhomi, his siblings and many other young …

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Photographer gains inspiration

inspiration — Rachael Graf shows her passion for phography and missions through photos like “El Reino de Dios” (above). Photo provided

Rachael Graf uses photos she took during her trip to Honduras to tell stories of heartbreak and hope In the field of photography, as a camera lens snaps shut, it is accompanied by the idea that a moment in time is frozen in an instant, forever capturing a memory. Liberty …

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