Homecoming special: University reflections

This Friday, Liberty University will celebrate what has become one of its most enjoyed and revered traditions, homecoming weekend. The yearly gathering of Liberty alumni is filled with stories of reunions, reflections and memories, an abundance of cookouts and of course, a Liberty football game. As Liberty celebrates its 41st year, it is important for both past and current students to take a moment to think about what makes this place so special in our hearts. Ask any student walking around campus or any alumnus decked out in Liberty gear, and they will give you a list of reasons. I think we all can agree on one thing: the atmosphere at this university is unlike anything we have ever experienced, and the moments we spend will surely not fade in our minds.

So join in the fun as we ask each other, “What makes Liberty University so special to you?” The responses range far and wide, just like our personalities, but the message remains the same. We, as a collective whole, are blessed.

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