Student musician pursues dream

Moving up the charts — Marczewski became the sixth-most downloaded artist on Noisetrade. Photo credit: Raquel Harmon

Noisetrade users tune into Jane Marczewski who is turning her singing and songwriting talent into a career

For as long as junior communications major Jane Marczewski can remember, she has wanted to be a singer. Her dream has started to come true, as she has recently become the No. six download on Noisetrade, rising above artists such as Jars of Clay, Matt Maher and the Civil Wars. The website allows artists to make their music available to be downloaded for free and gives users the opportunity to leave a tip for the artist.

“I put my EP (extended play) online on a whim,” Marczewski said. “I was definitely shocked.”

Marczewski, whose name is pronounced “Mar-chess-key,” released her EP, which is called Lines. It includes three original acoustic songs. She is currently working on more songs and hopes to record an album this summer.

“Also, I have plans to shoot a music video in Los Angeles,” Marczewski said.

Growing up involved in the kids’ church choir, she performed in musicals. After auditioning for a city American Idol contest, Marczewski started pursuing other opportunities to sing.

“I thought for most of my life that I would become a worship leader,” Marczewski said. “As I wrote more and more songs, I realized that they weren’t worship songs. They were stories, feelings and messages.”

Marczewski has high hopes for her future.

“I have come to the realization that there is a calling for my life,” Marczewski said. “I don’t know where I will go with it, but I have made the decision to be a good steward of the gifts that God has given me.”

She believes God has given her the messages to deliver, hands to play guitar, a voice to sing with and a mind to hear music before it is played. She wishes to live her life with an eternal mindset and spend her life on ministry and people.

Photo credit: Raquel Harmon

“It’s scary to step out and pursue this, but just because I’m scared doesn’t mean I’m going to stay home where I’m safe,” Marczewski said.

Marczewski’s biggest musical inspiration is Brooke Fraser, a singer and songwriter from New Zealand. Fraser has written worship songs for Hillsong Church.

“She is a Christian musician performing under a secular record label, using her platform to bring glory to God,” Marczewski said. “Most of her songs have no mention of God or Jesus. However, her music gives hearers a hope, a vision, a prayer for something more than this life.”

After being accepted to Ohio State University, her mom suggested she check out Liberty University. Marczewski was open to the idea, and that summer she made the trip down to see the school.

“I loved the campus and was drawn by the excitement of a big-campus experience that was also Christian. I was sold,” Marczewski said.

Her upcoming show is on Friday, May 4, at 8 p.m. It will be at 1202 Main St. in Lynchburg. Students can check out her Facebook page and download her free EP on Noisetrade.

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