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IACUC Types of Reporting

Reporting Animal Neglect, Abuse, or Breach of Protocol

The IACUC is required by law to investigate any alleged reports of animal abuse or mistreatment. If you observe or suspect animal abuse, mistreatment, or non-compliance with any federal, state, or local laws, or non-compliance with approved procedures, please report the incident. The IACUC will investigate all claims and will maintain confidentiality in all matters.

Anyone may report an alleged incident, and under no circumstances will such reporting be detrimental to an individual's standing with the university. No person will be discriminated against or subject to any reprisal for reporting a concern or violation of any animal care policies or standards.

To report animal neglect, abuse, or breach of protocol, direct your concerns to the PI, laboratory manager, or any of the following:

Reports are also accepted by mail, or in person.

Reporting Adverse Events

If the event is ongoing or has the potential to impact the health and welfare of laboratory animals or personnel, immediately contact the University Veterinarian, Dr. Davis McGuirt, at (434) 582-2485 or dcmguirt@liberty.edu.

An adverse event could include any of the following:

  • Unexpected death of a study animal
  • Unexpected clinical signs of pain, discomfort, or illness
  • Unauthorized access to study animals or facilities
  • Escaped animals
  • Facility issues (flooding, power outages, temperature extremes, HVAC)
  • Administration of unapproved substances
  • Administration of substances beyond the approved range
  • Unapproved procedures performed
  • Excess samples collected (beyond approved amount or occurrences)
  • Unapproved euthanasia performed or failure to confirm death

To report any unexpected or adverse events, please use the Adverse Event Report form.

Reporting Laboratory or Personnel Incidents

If the incident is ongoing or has the potential to impact the health and welfare of laboratory personnel, immediately contact emergency services for assistance.

It is expected that animal use personnel will report any significant health or wellness related incidents to the IACUC in a timely manner. In the event that laboratory personnel become aware of, or develop an allergy as a result of working with laboratory animals, they must receive medical clearance prior to resuming work in the laboratory.

To report any laboratory personnel incidents, please use the Incident Report form.

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