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Sold-out Freedom Center conference brings in top conservative influencers to weigh in on Christians’ role in the public arena

Mike Huckabee

A sold-out Freedom Uncensored event, hosted by Liberty University’s Standing for Freedom Center this past weekend, brought in conservative influencers — including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, bestselling author Eric Metaxas, and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee — to weigh in on social issues, politics, Marxism, and a multitude of other concerns facing Christians and the Church.

With over 1,200 registered and an overflow satellite location, attendees filled Liberty’s Montview Alumni Ballroom on Nov. 12-13, to hear from over a dozen leaders in the Christian faith and the conservative movement. Guest speakers included Lucas Miles, author of “The Christian Left: How Liberal Thought Has Hijacked the Church;” Liberty alumnus and entrepreneur David Benham; Daily Wire personality Michael Knowles; CEO of the Babylon Bee Seth Dillon, among many others. Live worship music was provided by John Forystek of Liberty’s Center for Commercial Music and recording artist Danny Gokey.

“As Christians our first calling is to the Gospel, but as the Scriptures illustrate consistently, there is also a cultural mandate to disciple the nations, including governments,” said Freedom Center Executive Director Ryan Helfenbein. “One of the biggest reasons for this summit was to ignite conversations about Christians’ role in the public square through a biblical lens.”

“One of the greatest scandals in the Church today is the reluctancy to weigh in on crucial cultural topics with political risks and ramifications,” he added. “Everything today is political. Where the bible speaks clearly, we must not be silent. That has always been the tradition at Liberty University from the early beginning of Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr. all the way to present day. We have an obligation to speak with clarity, courage and conviction for the sake of Christ and the Gospel.”

[Video clips from the summit will be posted to the Freedom Center’s social media platforms in the coming weeks.]

Michael Knowles

Pompeo, who also headlined Friday’s Military Appreciation Convocation at Liberty, gave the keynote address on day one of the summit, with a message on life, liberty, and truth. He outlined the fundamental freedoms granted to Americans that are worth preserving for the next generation. Pompeo also engaged in a Q&A with students and other members in attendance.

“This conversation is about freedom uncensored. Each of us have a responsibility, a special responsibility — those of us who are followers of Jesus Christ have an increased responsibility — to make sure that that freedom we enjoy here in America remains uncensored,” said Pompeo, who served as the 70th U.S. Secretary of State from 2018-21 under the Trump administration. “We’re right. The truth is on our side. We must unapologetically, fearlessly speak about this truth.”

Other speakers included Standing for Freedom Center Fellows Virgil Walker, co-host of the “Just Thinking” podcast, political commentator Liz Wheeler, and former fellow and attorney Jenna Ellis.

Author, speaker, and host of the “Relatable” podcast Allie Beth Stuckey weighed in on how progressive evangelicals are adopting woke ideologies and conforming to popular culture in the name of “being nice.”

Reagan Scott

“We want to be seen as nice instead of what is Christlike … it’s a spiritual battle, and it always has been,” she said on Friday. “If your goal is to be nice, you will compromise. A necessary component of Christianity is calling what God says is good ‘good’ and what God says is evil ‘evil.’”

Metaxas addressed Christianity’s influence on the world, including how it helped usher in modern living and scientific discovery. He challenged the audience to embrace a similar charge and apply the faith in their daily walks.

“It is the Christian faith that in the 16th and 17th centuries led to the scientific revolution that we (see today),” he said. “Since God is the God of Truth and reality, there is no avoiding Him.”

Day two featured Mike Huckabee, who addressed cancel culture, religious liberty, American exceptionalism, and how Christians have an obligation to engage in such topics in the public arena.

Other topics that were dialogued were the transgender agenda, the broader dangers of CRT, demonstrating faith at the cost of material gain, and more.

Mike Pompeo

“We need to quit apologizing for America and start celebrating America,” Huckabee said. “Our founders believed in something bold. They recognized that we are all created equal, and the creation process is by the Creator.”

On day two, Ellis reminded attendees where their true source of Truth is derived: the Bible. She encouraged listeners to frame their ideological worldviews on the unchanging merits of Scripture.

“We have to look to Scripture to build our political philosophy,” Ellis said. “When you are engaged in politics and policy, don’t think of it being about what you think is good. Go back to Scripture and look to God about what He says is good.”

The Standing for Freedom Center exists to educate Christians, from a biblical worldview, on social and political issues, and how the Church must respond to the whims of a secular and hostile culture. Some of its staple issues include religious liberty, limited government, free markets, rights for the unborn, as well as a multitude of other traditional, conservative values.

The Freedom Center has recently commanded a bold dialogue in opposition to socialism and Critical Race Theory (CRT), with a recent inclusion of white papers published on its website.

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