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B.S. in Camp & Outdoor Adventure Leadership: Youth Ministries

Residential Degree in Camp & Outdoor Adventure Leadership: Youth Ministries

The Bachelor of Science in Camp and Outdoor Adventure Leadership: Youth Ministries degree will prepare you to minister to adolescents through Christian camping and outdoor adventure sports outside of the church setting.

Combine your love of the outdoors with your heart for youth ministry. Discover how faith shapes young men and women during their formative years. In our Camp & Outdoor Adventure Leadership (COAL) program, you’ll learn how to lead outdoor adventure sports while leading the next generation to Christ.

Academics: COAL (B.S.) Youth Ministries

Credit Hours

120 total credit hours

Program of Study

Camp and Outdoor Adventure Leadership (B.S.): Youth Ministries

Admission Requirements

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Featured Youth Ministries Courses

  • Christian Camp: Site Plan & Design (COAL 310)
  • Managing the Christian Ministry Org. (COAL 370)
  • Strategies for Student Outreach (YOUT 310)
  • Current Issues in Youth Ministry (YOUT 340)

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Career Opportunities in Outdoor Adventure & Youth Ministry

  • Camp Executive Director
  • Camp Chief Financial Officer
  • Wilderness Guide
  • Camp Media / Marketing Ministry
  • Camp Human Resources / Benefits
  • Youth Camp Director
  • Parachurch Leadership