Roll’em Solem: Rolling with the trends

Dear Reader,

Imagine a collage. Think of a collection of images that represents the beauty of life. Each picture reflects who we aspire to be; each cutout displays our hopes and dreams. Every element of a collage is carefully chosen to create a portrait of our ideal lives. As we look at these visual montages, we are motivated to trust God with every component of our lives. As the artist carefully selects each image in a collage, so too does our maker craft our lives with beauty, purpose and intentionality.

There is beauty in every facet of life. From the crisp embrace of the sun shining warmly against one’s face to the tender hug from someone held dearly, the love of Jesus is harmoniously interwoven into every part of life. The joyful elation of hearing children’s laughter. The first sip of your favorite Starbucks order. The grand display of Jesus’ love is evident through every moment of life.

Acquainted with this idea, let’s begin our endeavor of rolling with the trends. 

You may have noticed that in a recent social media trend, users took to their Pinterest feeds and Instagram stories to post collages with pictures representing different aesthetics, celebrities, quotes and outfits. 

In this week’s column, we will be exploring these four elements and diving into what’s trending in each of these topics. 


Embrace the arrival of March, dear reader. When this time of year comes around, it’s time to welcome the steady flow of spring trends. As the verdant palette beckons us to immerse ourselves in all of its hues, take time to surround yourself in nature and opt for green articles of clothing. Enjoy the warmer days as the sun graces us with its glow and longer days. When rainy days come, don’t just seek shelter — dance with joy and be grateful.

Reader, this spring season, adorn your space with aromatic floral bouquets and take time to enjoy the crisp, fresh air. With the change in season, let us also prioritize our well-being by making conscious choices and building healthy habits.

This season of renewal, take time to learn something new. Grab a journal and set aside time for creativity or delve into that book that has been on your to-be-read list. Purchase a matcha latte paired with that pastry you have been eyeing. Gather your friends and assemble a picnic basket with succulent berries and fresh pastries for an afternoon picnic.

Change is good, and the sense of renewal that springtime heralds is healthy. So, this March, you can live an aesthetic lifestyle with these ideas. Each habit represents the enduring beauty of the ordinary — a style that never goes out and a trend that never dies.


You most likely have noticed that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are having a moment. After a third Super Bowl victory for Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs in February, and amid Swift’s continually successful global Eras Tour, it is a truth universally acknowledged that these two are at the peak of popular culture. Swift’s new album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” will release April 19, and according to Kelce, the new album is “unbelievable”  and “will shake up the world.”                 

Meanwhile, the Academy Awards are quickly approaching. The red carpet will be unrolled at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood Sunday, March 10, and the Oscars will unfold. After a banner year in cinema that included the wildly successful premieres of “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” viewers have much to look forward to.   


This springtime, embrace a style that is freestyle in nature. The goal for your trending outfit is to strike a balance between comfort and presentability. So, this month, wear outfits that feel light and airy but also warm and comfortable. Grab a pair of light denim jeans and an oversized sweatshirt. As you pick your sweatshirt, opt for neutral colors such as a light gray or beige. For variation, consider layering a comfortable white T-shirt with a denim jacket or cardigan. For shoes, opt for Birkenstock loafers or sandals on the warmer days. While winter persists, take every chance to wear UGG slippers while you can. The goal for your outfit is to be comfortable, trendy and simple without drawing too much attention. There is much beauty to be found in the ordinary, and interestingly, an outfit of this style will stand out on its own.


Savannah Guthrie, a journalist on the TODAY show, recently released a book Feb. 20 titled “Mostly What God Does: Reflections on Seeking and Finding His Love Everywhere.” Drawing from her own testimony, Guthrie discusses the powerful and transformative experience of embracing Jesus’ love in every facet of life. 

“I am here in this moment to share my voice, my heart,” Guthrie said. “To share this truth, this single truth. A truth I need to hear as much as I needed to tell. A truth I need to believe as much as I need to share. Mostly what God does is love you.”

Reader, Guthrie’s latest book serves as a constant reminder to see Jesus in everything. Life is a gift from him, and as his image, we can establish his love as the theme for this column. Like a photo collage, in every component of the beautiful artwork of life, we can find the love of Jesus.

Happy reading!

Solem is the asst. feature editor for the Liberty Champion. Follow him on X

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