Coffeehouse: Animated scheduled for the 2024 spring semester

Student Activities has announced the return of Coffeehouse, scheduled for March 23 at 11:30 p.m. in the Vines Center.

The event is packed with student performances and original videos and the theme of the night is animation, incorporating songs from a variety of hit television shows, movies and anime.

Every semester, Coffeehouse is held on campus for students and staff to attend. Under the bright, multicolored lights of the Vines Center, students take the stage to sing, dance or play an instrument live — each performance fitting the theme of the evening. Original student-made videos will be shown on the big screen periodically as well, with hosts engaging with the audience throughout the night.

“There are so few schools with anything out there like a Coffeehouse,” Student Activities director Cort Comfort said. “Some have tried to copy Coffeehouse, but there’s just nothing like it anywhere else. What we do is incredibly unique.”   

Comfort continued by talking about how the event is student-led.

“Not only is the tradition unique to Liberty University, but it’s also unique in the way that the students decide what Coffeehouse is,” Comfort said. “The hosts are students, the videos are made by students, the attendees are students — it is an event made for and by the students.”

Photo by Gabrielle Calhoun

Whether you grew up listening to ”Life is a Highway” while “Cars” played vibrantly on the screen of your childhood TV, or you recently fell in love with the jazz music from “Soul,” Coffeehouse: Animated is aiming to bring a variety of movie soundtracks to life through diverse student performances.

“We’re going to take this theme and really get people to fall in love with it throughout the course of the night — that’s what the show is,” Comfort said. “We’re not using a theme to make our show better; our show is 100% a celebration of animation.”

Comfort also said that if a student is connected to an animated movie that they grew up with, there is likely a moment in the show that will hit home for them.

From things like movie and bingo nights to concerts and Open Mics, Student Activities is a department with a goal to serve and entertain the student body through various Liberty-specific events. Among these is Coffeehouse.

“This will be my fourth Coffeehouse,” Sydney Boivin, a junior criminal justice major, said. “I’m going with my friends, and I really enjoy seeing all of the students perform. My personal favorites are the dance performances and the games that the hosts have the audience play. I’m really excited to see what the night will bring.”

For more information or to buy tickets, visit this website.

Hess is a news reporter for the Liberty Champion

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