Matt Gaetz speaks on government

Matt Gaetz opened his speech Feb. 23 at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) by telling the crowd that he has exposed a government that, according to him, has been weaponized against the American people. 

“The truth is that we can’t save the nation with the current Republican team,” Gaetz said. “We have to get tougher (and) smarter, and we have to get newer, bolder voices in the United States Congress.”

He proceeded to announce that he believes that the reign of traditional Republicans is over. Instead, he claimed that he plans to replace the retiring members of government with America-first patriots. He urged his listeners to do their part by voting in upcoming elections. 

Next, he tackled rising inflation rates, housing expenses and rising costs and offered his ideas for a governmental solution.

“I actually want orderly things, like budgets that balance, single-subject spending bills, term limits, block-grant Medicaid, (to) drill for oil, export (and) liquify natural gas to anyone willing to buy it in dollars, demand that, I don’t know, if the government wants to spy on Americans they should have to get a warrant, and we should secure the southern border,” Gaetz said. “Does that sound like chaos or the orderly administration of this country that you deserve?”

Photo by Carlisle Jarnigan

Gaetz went on to condemn the government’s willingness to offer financial aid to nations in crisis without simultaneously lowering their spending to counteract the spent funds. He went on to claim that countries such as France and Spain underspend on their own defense budgets, relying instead on the United States’ generosity.

“We shouldn’t have any foreign aid to any foreign country without corresponding cuts to our own bloated federal budget,” Gaetz said. “If you want to send aid to Israel, fine. Pay for it by defunding the United Nations.”

Gaetz concluded his speech by stating his personal willingness to condemn the actions of all politicians, regardless of their party affiliation.

“You see, when I offer these critiques that include the conduct of some fellow Republicans, I catch a lot of heat,” Gaetz said. “Don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer to just fight the Democrats, but if the Republicans are going to dress up like Democrats … then I will lead the fight against them, too.”

In an interview after his speech, Gaetz spoke about his favorite parts of speaking at CPAC.

“This is the hub of conservative activism, and I’m most pleased to see how many people are really enhancing their skill stack, to become better operatives, more effective communicators, more effective at persuasion and voter outreach,” Gaetz said. “CPAC also provides tremendous technology for people to be able to work on their political goals and skills.”

Jarnigan is the asst. news editor for the Liberty Champion

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