Photography showcase begins in LaHaye lobby

Liberty University’s Student Activities will be holding its semiannual Photo Expo Sept. 18 through Sept. 23. The expo is an opportunity for anyone who enjoys photography and wants to present their work for the public to view. Students may submit up to two photos to be put on display in the LaHaye lobby for the duration of the week. 

“Photo Expo gives students the opportunity to showcase their photography skills, no matter their field of study,” Coordinator of Marketing for Student Activities Makena Joseph said. “Each student comes to Liberty from different backgrounds and views the world from a unique perspective. This event gives them the chance to show the student body what they see through a creative lens.”

The photos can also be viewed on the Student Activities Facebook page where the voting will take place. Anyone is welcome to check out the photos entered in the expo and vote for their favorite. Voting will conclude by noon Sept. 22, and winners will be announced on the Student Activities Instagram account by the end of that week.  

“I always love seeing the range of photo styles that people submit,” Joseph said. “We see anything from landscapes, to portraits, to (detailed) shots, to everything in between.” 

Students can take their own unique creative liberties to express art through photography, no matter what their fields of study are. The expo gives a chance for people outside of the Studio and Digital Arts Department to engage in the discipline. All styles of photos are welcome. 

Those who do not enter are still encouraged to come view the photo displays at the expo and support their peers by voting. There are two prizes up for grabs: a first and a second-place prize. The first-place prize is $150 and the second-place prize is $100. 

Caylie Allen, a senior at Liberty and a writing major, has been practicing photography for years and is excited about the expo. 

“I would love to see what others think of my work,” Allen said. “Photos are taken to be seen, and I’d love to hear feedback.” 

To learn more about Photo Expo, how to enter or how to vote, visit the Student Activities website. 

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