Student Opinion: The fate of Andrew Tate

Social media influencer Andrew Tate is most known for his controversial and misogynistic remarks on media platforms. While some of his followers are willing to overlook some of his questionable comments and statements, many follow him because of them. What should a fan base do when notorious figures leading dubious lifestyles, such as Andrew Tate, face imprisonment for extreme charges?

Romanian authorities detained Emory Andrew Tate III and his brother Tristan Tate on Dec. 29, 2022. The two men, along with two Romanian women, were facing charges of human trafficking as well as organized crime. According to Forbes, Tate and his brother were initially set to be detained for only 24 hours. 

However, Tate lost an appeal to the Romanian courts, at which point a judge ruled to extend his detainment to 30 days. On Jan. 20, as prosecutors continued their investigation into the accusations Tate has been charged with, the court added yet another 30 days to his detention. At this time, Tate is set for release Feb. 27. 

Andrew Tate spent much of his childhood and adolescent years in the U.K. until his recent move to Romania. Tate began his claim to fame through kickboxing. His four-time championship title was the catalyst that jumpstarted his career in the social media world and made his name known. Tate also tried his hand at reality TV, but according to The Guardian, he was kicked off the show for his flagrant actions and comments. 

Additionally, major media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook have banned Andrew Tate on account of his constant crude comments and posts. This media ban included Twitter until Elon Musk reinstated his account after a five-year ban. While he is an enigma to many people, Tate’s bold and offensive personality has captured the attention of many young boys who make up most of his following base. This audience needs to be especially wary of whom they look up to and view as a role model. 

During his time on the Piers Morgan show, Tate voiced his frustration with the media. He said that much of how the world — including his fans — views him is based on video and voice-audio clips that have been sorely taken out of context. 

In light of recent allegations, however, it is imperative that fans of Andrew Tate don’t blindly believe any tabloid about him, nor should they take everything he says as truth. They should instead spend time researching the various points of controversy involving Tate and determine if he is someone they deem worth following. 

Tate’s extreme and contemptuous personality has diminished his image in the public eye. As a result, his disrespectful and misogynistic reputation will undoubtedly increase his difficulty in battling off the charges he is facing, as his allegations are not a far cry from the persona he has portrayed online.

With Andrew Tate’s accumulating more Google searches in 2022 than former President Donald Trump and reality TV show star Kim Kardashian, there is no question that Tate has made a mark in the eyes of the media. But those who claim to be die-hard fans of the former kickboxer should respond to his allegations with inquisitive minds and acumen. 

While Tate may have garnered a large follower base, that does not mean he is a trustworthy figure to follow and admire. Tate’s recent accusations are an opportunity for people to reconsider whom they are following and calling their “role model.” As fans reach their own conclusion about him, they should do so while researching things within context and credibility. 

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