Student picks for the 2022 World Series

The stage has been set for the 2022 World Series, as the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies will clash for the Commissioner’s Trophy, beginning Oct. 28. 

The Phillies secured their first World Series berth since 2009 in Game 5 of the American League Championship Series. Bryce Harper was the hero, moving his team on with a two-run bomb in the eighth inning.

For the Astros, it was the bat of series MVP Jeremy  Peña and the pitching of Justin Verlander that propelled this team past the San Diego Padres to their fourth World Series in six years. 

Now, with the final matchup in place, who will claim the prize? 

Annie cory

The Astros have boatloads of World Series experience, but the Phillies are running on postseason magic. The Phillies’ aces on the mound paired with Bryce Harper’s bat could carry the heart of this team. Fall behind early, though, and the Astros will steal it.

Phillies in 6

Caleb McCusker

Remember the last two times the Astros took on an overachieving NL east team in the World Series? They lost to the Braves in 2021 and Nationals in 2019. This is the year of Philly sports, I’m afraid.

Philles in 7

Josiah Elmore

The Astros win convincingly in five games. They’ve been dominant in the postseason, joining only the 2007 Rockies and 2014 Royals to sweep both the divisional and championship series. However, both teams lost in the World Series, but the Astros won’t have the same fate. Dusty Baker gets his first World Series title and the Astros get their second championship in five years. 

Astros in 5

Aaron Palsgrove 

As a Phillies fan, this is gonna be rough for Philly’s “Team of Destiny.” The Astros were the one team that I really did not want to meet in the Fall Classic, but they do have a chance. The Astro’s biggest strengths are their starters and the ability for the 1-9 batters to all get hits. The Phillies’ biggest strengths are their two aces, Wheeler and Nola, and their explosive capabilities with the long ball. For the Phillies to have a chance against Houston, they have to be able to go into Minute Maid Park and steal at least one game. If they can, they have a good shot because of how incredible that ballpark is in Philly. The Phils have a shot, but the Astros are really, really good. 

Astros in 6

Ellie Bruss

I think the Phillies are going to come in hot with a two wins in a row. I have the Astros winning Game 3, and then the Phillies winning the next two and winning the World Series.

Phillies in 5

Joshua Lipowski

I’ve spent the entire postseason picking who I think is going to win each series, and I have been wrong in almost every instance. Except when I have picked the Astros.

Astros in 6

Joey palermo

If there was ever a more appropriate series for the “unstoppable force meets immovable object” line to be used, this World Series transcends that saying 10 times over. Philadelphia may be unstoppable right now, especially in Citizens Bank Park, but you can only start Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola so many times.  I’ll take the deeper rotation that’s “been there and done that.”

Astros in 5

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