New Student Government Association legislation update and implementation for the coming fall semester

Since the official legislation signing ceremony in February, students have seen  changes implemented as a result of the passed Student Government Association (SGA) legislation. 

Included in the new legislation were successful bills to add an iced coffee PLUS+ swipe option at the on-campus Dunkin’, schedule monthly dates for open dorms and implement a take-out dining option at Doc’s Diner, among other bills. 

Arguably the most popular new piece of legislation was the Dunkin’ bill, which allows students to receive iced coffee and two doughnuts for a PLUS+ swipe at Dunkin’ – an option that students have been seeking for years. The successful bill, after its signing, took only five days to be implemented. 

Additionally, President Falwell signed a bill that will allow take-out dining from Doc’s Diner, the popular dining location on East Campus. This piece of legislation will benefit students residing on East Campus who had limited on-campus dining establishments that allowed take-out. 

Many of the bills passed are the result of the work done in the House of Delegates. One of these bills was the monthly open dorms bill, that will set a date each month for a more consistent open-dorms schedule.  

Constance Schneider, a junior at Liberty studying industrial organizational psychology and Spanish, has been involved in SGA since the fall of her freshman year and serves as director of community engagement on the executive branch this year. Schneider saw some of these bills evolve during her time at Liberty and was excited to attend the legislation signing last month. 

“I have been a part of SGA since (my) freshman year three years ago, and that year I remember trying to push (a monthly open dorms bill) through the House of Delegates — it makes me so happy that they finally got it passed,” Schneider said. “Overall, having set dates for open dorms will definitely benefit students and hall leadership, and I am really proud of whoever wrote that bill.”

The legislation signing took place in February after the Valentine’s Day open-dorm day already took place, so the monthly policy will be introduced next semester after campus reopens. 

 “This year, the SGA administration was very serious about taking students’ ideas and making them happen – so big kudos to (Student Body President and Vice President) Derek (Rockey) and Esther (Lusenge), and everyone else who contributed,” Schneider said. 

Schneider spoke on how important it is for SGA members to develop a healthy relationship with administration in order to be an effective liaison between the student body and school leaders. 

In the February signing ceremony, the bill writers were present, in addition to university administrators including President Falwell. 

“It is really cool that President Falwell got the opportunity to see and meet the students that wrote these bills – at Liberty a student’s voice means something, it is not just a transactional relationship (between students and administration); it’s one where students are listened to and respected and can form partnerships with the university,” Schneider said.

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