How students display decals on their laptops as a way to show their interests and personality

Stepping into a college library is one of the easiest ways to find the latest student trends. One of Liberty University’s biggest student trends: laptop

Although most trends appear to set a pattern that trumps the individuality most young adults seek to cultivate, there are many ways students personalize these to fit their own style, and stickers seem to be perfect for this. Typically, students add stickers to their laptops to add a personal touch. 

“I base my sticker choices on things that make me happy,” Anna Kelchner, a Liberty University sophomore, said. “These are things that I want other people (to know) about me when they pass by.” 

These stickers serve as reminders of cherished memories, all-time favorites and personal beliefs or convictions. One look at a college student’s sticker-covered laptop and you can probably tell where they are from, what TV shows they like or what their major is. Besides being the perfect way to showcase one’s personality, stickers also serve decorative purposes and can add a pop of color to any laptop cover. 

“My favorite sticker is one on my laptop that says ABBA,” student Dani Garcia said. “This means ‘Heavenly Father’ and it represents the unashamed love I have for God.” 

Reagan Lambert | Liberty Champion
STICKER INTERESTS — Students use stickers to display interests they have.

Many businesses have caught on to this trend, and often offer free stickers to their customers. This, besides giving others the opportunity to share their favorite restaurants or stores, also serves as a free marketing tool.
Liberty offers them to its students as well, and almost every department or degree program has its own personalized stickers to give out at department
events or activities. 

Whether the stickers you choose are a direct reflection of who you are and what you like, or simply something you like doing because it enhances the aesthetic of your laptop, they can also serve as conservation starters. Others passing by may be drawn to talk to you because of a sticker they like or something they might think they have in common with you. 

“I have a Florida sticker on my laptop and once a couple stopped to chat with me just (because) they were drawn to it,” Andrea Bosque, a biotech student, said. “Even though I’m from Guatemala, the fact that I had a sticker from Florida gave me the opportunity to meet new people on campus.” 

There are several online sites that provide a large variety of stickers to buy from, the most popular among students being RedBubble. This site also gives the option to upload designs for sale. There are also other sites that offer big quantities for lower prices. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a baseball or a football fan, a gamer or a bookworm, a Republican or a Democrat, there is most certainly a sticker that will make your laptop cover better represent you. 

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