Liberty University Adds Enneagram Degree for Fall 2019

In light of campus pastor David Nasser expressing the need for students to develop a better understanding of their individual personality types, Liberty University has announced its new Enneagram degree program, which will officially launch in the Fall semester of 2019.

According to Nasser, the degree will help students not only learn more about themselves, but also about their brothers and sisters in Christ and why they make the decisions they do.

The degree will include courses from ENNEA 101, which will teach students the basics of each personality type, including strengths and weaknesses, to ENNEA 360, which will teach students which types are most compatible when it comes to marriage.

“I remember the moment I found out that Jennifer was a Type Two — I knew that she was the woman for me,” Nasser, a Type One said. “I think ENNEA 360 will give some of our students a better confidence when searching for the compatible life partner that God has for them.”

No textbooks will be required for the degree, but students will be required to subscribe to the Enneagram Institute online, sign up to receive their EnneaThought for the day, and follow @Enneagram&Coffee on Instagram.

In order to assure proper classroom aesthetics, professors are encouraged to serve cold brew coffee at the beginning of each class and enforce the degree dress code, which will require students to wear ripped skinny jeans (preferably black), beanies, and Vans Old Skool shoes.

Graphic design student Rachel Gray said she learned so much about herself in just the first trial of ENNEA 101.

“I always felt like I could connect the most with King David when reading the Bible; it all made so much sense when I learned that he was a Type Four as well,” Gray said.  

Happy April Fools’ Day


  • “Liberty University has announced its new Enneagram degree program”?
    Dr Falwell is spinning in his grave. LU needs to reject this demonic practice.

    • David, I couldn’t agree with you more. David Nasser needs to GO!

    • Wow do I feel like an idiot! I didn’t realize this was an April Fool’s Joke. My sincerest apologies to Campus Pastor, David Nasser.

      But in all seriousness, the enneagram IS occultic and doesn’t belong in any place at LU.

  • So-o so-o sad! So heartbreaking to see this once wonderful school so quickly departed from the good news to another “gospel”!

    The true and living God is separate and distinct from all that is made, uncreated, eternal , unwavering, and not dependent or contingent on anyone or anything–the opposite of the god of Enneagram.

  • The idea that Enneagram is occultic/demonic is such a bullshit idea coming out of irrational fear. I learned Enneagram in a church setting and so did many others. It’s a valuable tool and can be misused like anything else. Many I know have come closer to god thanks to the Enneagram.

    The post was kinda funny though!

  • Repent NOW of this occultism LU.
    God is not mocked.
    Judgement will be upon ALL the leadership of LU
    for not calling this out.
    May God have mercy upon you evil staff.

  • I would suggest to the Liberty Champion to maybe edit or strike this article. Edit it with the April Fools statement at the top or just remove it. The reason is that this is a dangerous pagan program contrary to the Word of God. There are Christian apologists out there that are stating that Liberty is promoting Enneagram because of this article but sadly not making it to the bottom of the article. As you can see in the comment section, there are people that did not catch this as a joke. Probably better to not joke in this manner.

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