Zika Virus Update
More than 400 people have been diagnosed with the Zika virus disease (Zika) in the U.S., and 36 of the victims have been pregnant women. One death of a Puerto Rican man is linked to the disease. Zika is a major concern for pregnant women because of the connection to microcephaly. For more information about the virus, visit the Center for Disease Control’s Zika Q&A fact sheet here.

The Republican Party’s Donald Trump is expected to take the GOP nomination after Ted Cruz dropped his campaign with Carly Fiorina. With Cruz off the ballot, John Kasich was left alone against Trump, but then Katich suspended his campaign Wednesday, May 4 leaving Trump to stand for the conservative party. Bernie Sanders took the Indiana vote, but Hillary Clinton still holds confidence in her campaign. According to, Clinton holds a lead to Trump in “every 2016 swing state.” For statistics about the election, check out

Smart Gun Technology
President Obama progresses with the gun control policy suggested in January of 2016. Smart guns appear on the horizon, and Obama’s effort to lessen gun violence will continue with the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security setting standards and requirements for firearm manufactures. These regulations should be complete in October, reported.

Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada is ablaze after a wildfire started Tuesday, May 3. Eighty thousand residents evacuated the city, and the Weather Channel reported more than 80 percent of Fort McMurray’s homes have been consumed by the blaze. The fire continues to consume acreage around the area, and hundreds of firefighters are attempting to calm the fire.

“Dear Basketball”
The poem announcing Kobe Bryant’s final season with the Los Angeles Lakers will now be the premise for his new project entitled, “Dear Basketball.” The Players’ Tribune originally posted the sentiment written by Bryant. Kobe Studios, Sports Illustrated and Believe Entertainment group will collaborate to bring the “multi-platform video project” to life, according to Sports Illustrated.

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