Gendercide rises in Canada

Feminists and Christians can work together to fight sex-selective abortions

Recent studies show that immigrant couples in Canada are more likely to take part in pre-natal sex-selection, resulting in a higher number of males being born to immigrant families than females.

These immigrant families, specifically from India, not only have access to universal health care in Canada and equipment to reveal a baby’s gender, but they also have access to abortion.

With the knowledge of whether a baby will be a boy or girl comes the choice of whether or not to abort female children.

According to The Globe and Mail writer Wency Leung, the notion that immigrant families from India can use abortion to select the sex of their child is a matter of contention among politicians, and many laws and bans have been created in order to try to deter sex-selection.

abortion — Sex-selective abortions have become more prevalent among Canadian immigrant families. Photo credit: Google Images

Abortion — Sex-selective abortions have become more prevalent among Canadian immigrant families. Photo credit: Google Images

“A controversial CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) editorial in 2012 recommended banning the disclosure of the sex of a fetus until 30 weeks,” Leung wrote. “But such measures are difficult to enforce and are unjustifiably sweeping, while others note that identifying and targeting specific groups for practicing sex-selection is discriminatory.”

One study by CMAJ revealed that sex-selection becomes far more prevalent after the third child in a family is born.

“(Among Indian families), the proportion of males increased with the number of children born,” Leung wrote. “By the third birth, 138 boys were born to Indian mothers for every 100 girls, and by the fourth birth, 166 boys were born to every 100 girls.”

As sex-selection becomes more prevalent among immigrant groups in Canada, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a reality in the U.S.

So, what would this mean for the American way of life?

High numbers of American citizens are proponents of abortion rights. However, with the feminist movement pushing for equal rights (including in the area of abortion), should Americans allow sex-selection abortions to occur, or should they fight against the discrimination it clearly is?

After all, women’s rights ought to apply to the unborn.

Most Christians should know where they stand on the issue.

Abortion, in its entirety, is wrong.

Psalm 139:9 states, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb (NIV).”

For feminists who are proponents of abortion, perhaps this obvious discrimination among immigrant families in Canada is a wake-up call.

Abortion of unborn daughters for reason of preferring a son is an issue that feminists and Christians can stand against together.

Every life has value.

Both boys and girls are worth their parent’s love and time.

In Canada and in America, citizens ought to rise together and point out these injustices against unborn daughters.

No matter what your view on abortion is, one thing is clear — it should be unlawful to choose to abort a child simply because they do not meet the gender their parents most desire.

YOUNG is an opinion writer.

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