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Hello. I am Nathaniel Haywood, but everyone except my grandfather calls me Nate (he still calls me Nathaniel). I am a journalism student here at Liberty University and I have been blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime to serve as the editor-in-chief of the Liberty Champion, a title in which I am beyond honored to hold.


Writing is more than a hobby for me. It is a passion. As a sports writer for a year, and an assistant sports editor for another year, I heard some of the greatest stories never told — and I had the opportunity to tell those stories.

I never expected to make it to this point. As a freshman, I attended a seminar for first year students. The communications department wanted new students to get involved as soon as possible.

Afterward, I located and conversed with the head of the Champion, Mrs. Huff. I told her my name and that I wanted to write for the sports section. She pulled out a sheet of paper, wrote down the email address of the sports editor at the time and told me, this wide-eyed freshman, to email him.

So I emailed the guy… and I waited and waited. Long story short, I never heard from him. I would be lying if I said I did not hold a bit of a grudge against the Champion because of it. But two years, one unread email and one held grudge later, I can say with confidence that this was all a part of God’s plan, and it was well worth the wait.

I cannot speak enough about how thankful I am for this publication. I have worked with and under many gifted journalists that have become much more than co-workers. Rather, they have become friends. To those who are entering the real world ahead of me, I will make sure to hold it down over here at the Champion for you all.

It goes without saying that I have big shoes to fill. My predecessor, Emily Brown, is an award-winning journalist with editing skills you would not believe. Initially, I did not truly believe I could replace someone such as her, but I am undoubtedly thankful that I have the chance to try.

We are all blessed to attend a school such as Liberty where everyone around us has a unique story of their own. Liberty boasts a diverse student body that comes from seemingly every part of this world. It is our pleasure here at the Champion to tell these stories to fellow students, faculty and other readers. These life journeys are what make Liberty so special.

I look forward to hearing the stories of my fellow classmates. But most importantly, I look forward to telling them. I do not know what the future holds, but I cannot wait to find out. My goal is to make the Champion the best publication it can be and the best it has ever been.

HAYWOOD is the editor-in-chief

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