LAMP Literary Magazine shines a light on creative talent

LAMP Literary Magazine is one of Liberty’s undiscovered treasures. While the arts at Liberty are typically appreciated through theater, music and the ever-popular Coffeehouse, LAMP offers an increasingly forgotten form of art — the written word.

Beginning in 2003, LAMP is a once-a-semester publication consisting of poetry, fiction, nonfiction and art submitted by Liberty students and alumni. Submissions are currently being considered with a rapidly approaching deadline of Sept. 23.

“If you’re wondering what submissions should look like, we are looking for a good story, image-driven poetry, entertaining and thoughtful,” Professor Chris Gaumer, the general faculty advisor for LAMP, said.

LAMP has increased the use of social media through Facebook, Twitter and a highly amusing blog. The staff maintains the blog, and this year will post honorary mentions from submissions.

“It’s so exciting to see the magazine grow and mature. Through Facebook, Twitter and hilarious, insightful blog posts, the editors give LAMP much more of a personality,” Lydia Rollins, a junior English major, said.

Additionally, the publication is celebrated with a launch party. The party is used to invite contributors to read the magazine and to promote other events supported by the English department.

“The creative writing community is really growing, eager and active. Students love to be creative,” Gaumer said.

At 7 p.m., Sept. 22, the Undergraduate Writing Center and LAMP will sponsor a “Red-stage Reading.” The event will allow writers to read their work aloud.

“Christians can create good art, and it doesn’t have to be sappy or trite,” Elizabeth Cook, the general editor for LAMP, said.

LAMP also takes submissions for artwork, including graphic design and photography. Because of the cost of printing, black and white submissions are preferred.

LAMP Fall 2011 will be available at the end of the semester for pick-up at the launch party or in the English department.

Submit all writing and artwork to For more information, visit

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