Deaf student uses art to declare God’s greatness

Communicating the gospel message is a Christian’s top priority. Many Christians think this means knocking on doors, going through the Romans Road or hearing a powerful sermon. Senior Studio Art and Graphic Design major Lorena Palma uses her art to share the gospel and her testimony.

Palma learned to use art to communicate powerful messages to the world around her. As a deaf student, she is unable to talk to most students, but after viewing her art, many students clearly understand her passion and love for Jesus Christ.

“I know God is really with me, and I just thank God that He has blessed me and helped me with my painting,” Palma said. “I paint about God, because I think He is awesome. Also, God has gifted me with these skills, so I want to graduate and maybe help other people through art.”

Palma said she was saved August 19, 2006 through the deaf church. After her salvation she began painting a piece titled “Nothing but the Blood.”

“(It is a picture) of a heart .  It was like my heart with hands reaching out for God,” Palma said. “At the top, Jesus’ blood is dripping on the heart. I think it is really precious that Jesus died on the cross.”

Palma has lived in America for 10 years, but is originally from Mexico City. On Sept. 13 she became a U.S. citizen, which means she will soon be able to return to Mexico to see family that she has not seen in six years.

One of her goals after graduation this month is to help her uncle and his church.

“My uncle in Mexico is a pastor of a church. He does not have the education to explain a lot of things so I’d like to go and paint more pictures of different parts of the Bible, maybe make posters to help my uncle and the people in that area of Mexico,” Palmer said.

Lorena was very excited about her show and the opportunity she had to witness to the people who attended.

“I want people to learn about God and His personality. Most people think that God just ignores people and that is just not true,” Palma said. “God wants relationships and intimacy with people. I’ve lost intimacy with God. I felt very frustrated, messed up and not good.”

Palma has come a long way since she first arrived at Liberty.

“When I came here I felt very awkward—very nervous. There were so many hearing students, just a few deaf and one or two interpreters. It was really hard to find and make new friends here. I was not happy,” Palma said.

Palma persevered and built relationships. Four years, and lots of hard work later, she said with a huge smile on her face, “I’m happy now.”

Another piece in her show depicts creation, and the beginning of the Bible up to the story of Noah. She painted herself into the picture to show that this is what she imagines as she reads the Bible.

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