Response to ‘China to lift one child ban’

[Letter to the Editor]

Dear Editor,

Recently the Champion (Sept. 21 issue) posted an opinion piece on the one-child ban in China. There were various portions of that article that I felt needed to be addressed. I would like to respond to the following statement that the opinion editor made. She wrote, “Now, China is re-thinking their strategy, since the strict ban has prevented 400 million births since 1979.”

To this I say, respectfully, what a beautiful euphemism for abortion. It is not the prevention of 400 million babies; it is the slaughter of 400 million babies. It is saddening that your opinion editor has bought into the euphemistic style of pro-choice language. When one starts using their style then, ultimately, the fight is lost.

The enemy of a pre-born child does not want women to know that it is the enemy; it wants to hide behind the title of “champion for a woman’s right to choose” or “the savior of the world from overpopulation.”

On an aside note, overpopulation is a lie that is used to defend abortions — especially the racially motivated ones. The enemies of human life claim that if we continue to reproduce then we will destroy ourselves; so, we must stop having children.

In addition, if it is true, why should we not start with China? Are the Chinese any less valuable than our precious Western society? Can we honestly print articles that tout population control in China without becoming outraged? What if your opinion editor had written an article about fines, sterilization and forced abortions here in the United States? Why do we not cry out for our Chinese brothers and sisters?

God knows the pain and the suffering that the Chinese government has inflicted on her people. I say that we should be praying to prevent this horrible crime against these people. We do not need to find a solution to overpopulation; we need to pray for God’s mercy to fall on the people being oppressed by China’s vicious policy of death. This is something that I felt needed to be addressed.

I am in no way condemning your opinion editor, however, for future articles, please do not hide the truth. If an article is going to be written about issues such as this, then it needs to be addressed exactly as it is. This is the death of countless innocent pre-born children.

God bless,
Sean T. Maguire, ‘13

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