Alumni Spotlight: Brianna & Matthew Penfold (’10 & ’11)

The Penfolds book, The Intrepid Three: Animus Revealed,

can be purchased on Amazon and other platforms.

When reflecting on their time at Liberty, the Penfolds said the following, “The main piece of advice we would give to current students is to critically think things through. Make sure to challenge and test everything, including the things you already believe. Use your faith and the Bible to come to conclusions on your own and do not just follow the crowd”.

Brianna & Matthew Penfold are proud alumni of Liberty University and recently published authors as husband and wife. Brianna graduated in 2010 with a degree in Clinical Psychology & Counseling while Matthew graduated in 2011 with a degree in biology.

Post-graduation, Brianna pursued a career as an attorney and Matthew became a pediatrician. Presently, they are parents to a three-year-old and more recently have become published authors.

They recently published their first book, The Intrepid Three: Animus Revealed. It is a Young Adult Christian Fiction book that follows the journey of three seemingly ordinary teenagers. In a dystopian fiction universe, the teens’ lives are turned upside down when they meet the Author, the writer of the universe, and discover they have gifts to heal the past, alter the present, and foresee the future. They are tasked to restore their broken worlds, but supernatural forces are working to end humanity and free a dark army from their prison. Tying their faith and creativity together, the Penfolds have successfully published a faith-driven novel.

Writing a book on top of parenting and working in established careers, is a wonderful success. We asked the Penfolds to share some of the ways they have seen God work in their lives since they left Liberty University. They responded with the following: “We have seen God at work in our lives every step of the way, in every phase of our lives, including the writing and publishing of our book, The Intrepid Three: Animus Revealed. We have felt God’s guiding hand steer us toward goals and through obstacles time and time again.”