Alumni Spotlight: Dennine Smith (’17)

“Be willing to take risks, God will often send you to places you hadn’t even considered… and bless you astronomically while you are there!” – Dennine Smith

Read Dennine’s news story here: Dennine Smith

Dennine Smith is a 2017 graduate of Liberty University with a master’s degree in public health.

In December 2023 she was awarded the Jefferson Award for Multiplying Good for her work as executive director of C.A.M. This award is also known as the “Nobel Prize for Public Service,” the Jefferson Awards recognize ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

Dennine summarized her experience by saying, “I received this recognition for my work to manage the Region 5 shelter for COVID-19-positive individuals without stable housing or a safe place to quarantine during the pandemic. My leadership of Coordinated Assistance Ministries (C.A.M.), a ministry to the homeless and underserved, impacts the lives of many every day”.

Dennine Smith, equipped with her degree in Public Health and assistance from an amazing team has continually made an impact on the surrounding community. In a TV interview, Ms. Smith shared that in a lot of ways, the COVID-19 pandemic inadvertently helped their organization. C.A.M. became a hub for aid during that time, giving them motivation to grow, and has continued successfully beyond the pandemic.

Dennine has successfully made a lasting impact on her community in Indiana through her work, passions, and life calling. Her focus is to minister to her community through her work at C.A.M. and she is doing just that as she aims to honor God in the position she has been given.

When asked what her favorite memory was at Liberty University, Dennine shared that graduation day was by far the best. “Since I completed my MPH [Master of Public Health] completely online, I had never met any of my classmates or professors in person. It was great to meet everyone for the first time!”