Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Sandra Anderson-Spencer (’23)

Dr. Sandra Anderson-Spencer, 2023 alumna of Liberty University,
Doctor of Education: Community Care & Counseling: Marriage & Family Counseling, and her husband, Casburn.

Dr. Sandra Anderson-Spencer is the founder of Love Gardens Ministries International Therapy Parks, Inc.

Love Gardens is a 5013c nonprofit, holistic mentorship and counseling program that mentors empowers, and transforms the lives of individuals, families, and communities through psychosocial and psychoeducational initiatives. Sandra is a wife, mother, grandmother, and advocate of health and wellness. She is a witness that faith and hope can restore every life, no matter the circumstance. Sandra has overcome insurmountable odds through faith in God, including childhood sexual abuse at seven and sex trafficking at 11. Her life presented her with a front-row seat, from witnessing domestic violence to surviving it. 

In 1990, faith in God and her fight for education freed Sandra from addiction. That same year, through the power of the Holy Spirit, Sandra advocated for her health and wellness by gaining the courage to confront the pain, the torment of domestic violence, self-abuse, and childhood secrets. She sought treatments and began to heal as well as equip herself with a degree. 

In 2016, Dr. Anderson-Spencer completed her autobiography entitled Lessons from the Thorns; His Grace is Sufficient. Her book chronicles her fight for mental health and wellness after trauma. In addition, the documentary Taking Innocence Project Docu-series captures parts of her life’s story and other survivors of human trafficking. 

Dr. Anderson-Spencer continued her education over the years and in 2023 Dr. Anderson-Spencer graduated from Liberty University, earning her Doctor of Education degree in Community Care and Counseling Marriage and Family Therapy. She completed her dissertation on the Psychosocial impacts of transgenerational trauma on the parenting styles of African American women. Her work can be found in Liberty University Scholars Crossing. 

Sandra believes that counseling is imperative, knowledge and self-awareness are critical, and when we are teachable, we can start to restore our lives. Sandra implements a multidimensional approach in her coaching practice to help transform lives with long-term, sustainable, positive outcomes. 

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“Since graduating from Liberty University, my life has been impacted in many areas, including purpose, accountability, and personal integrity. The weight of such a degree cannot be taken lightly. Godly discernment and personal accountability are ever more the anthems of my life. A sense of duty guides my life, and I am determined to complete the call of God in the great commission of service and making disciples.”

– Dr. Sandra Anderson-Spencer.