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Avoiding sickness is often a challenge for many college students, but Liberty University students will soon have the opportunity to learn how they can protect themselves from disease. As part of the LaHaye Health and Wellness Series, Annette Florence will share her lecture entitled “Staying Well: Increasing your R.E.S.I.S.T.A.N.C.E.” March 6 at 5:15 p.m. The lecture will take place in the front aerobics room of the LaHaye Fitness Center.

Fitness — The Fitness Center at Green Hall offers multiple health and wellness classes. Photo credit: Tyler Eacho

According to Florence, the event will focus on lifestyle changes that students can make to naturally boost their immune systems.

“This particular event … is especially important now, in the spring, because there’s a lot of bugs going around and people are getting sick, so it’s a good way to find out how to try to avoid catching those things and being put out of commission,” Jamie Swyers, the associate director of fitness at the LaHaye Student Union, said.

Florence, a health promotion and nutrition professor at Liberty University, has been actively involved in disease prevention for many years. She said that she is looking forward to sharing valuable information at the event.

“When we’re in such a closed environment — when you’re in a classroom, you’re on the bus — and germs are just going everywhere — really, to boost someone’s immune system, that’s probably the best way to prevent in an atmosphere like this,” Florence said.

According to Swyers, the event will feature free food and prizes, along with health information. She hopes students will take the initiative to learn healthy habits.

The final installment of the series for this semester is a strength training event with Donna Barber. According to Swyers, those who attend will have the opportunity to learn how to train for specific goals that gym-goers often struggle to reach in the weight room.

Swyers said that the main objective of the Health and Wellness Series is to give students the opportunities and resources they need to gain information that they would not otherwise be able to find at the Fitness Center.

“It can be extremely beneficial to have these opportunities,” Swyers said.

The LaHaye Health and Wellness Series currently provides health education to students. However, according to Swyers, the LaHaye Fitness Center hopes to provide even more educational programs in the future.

“Basically, what the students demand and what they are asking for is what we really want to drive toward,” Swyers said.

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