Diving Deep with the scuba club

Have you ever wondered what creation looks like underwater? 

Scuba club is perfect for exploring the mysterious deep. 

Scuba club gives students the opportunity to find a community of fellow scuba-diving enthusiasts and work towards scuba certifications. Students go to a local quarry to enjoy scuba diving, explore underwater creation and progress in various scuba certifications. 

President Rose Delgado, a current senior and dive master, shared her experience with the scuba club after finding information about it at Block Party her freshman year. 

“Underwater is just another part of God’s creation that we don’t get to see every day, but it is beautiful and gorgeous,” Delgado said. “I love that I get to go down there and see God’s creation in a different way, as well as inspire others to go and do the same … Scuba divers are such a niche pocket of Liberty, but we are all super close. We get to have a lot of good interactions and spend a lot of time together. It is a really fun way to meet new people.” 

The scuba club holds monthly meetings to discuss upcoming certifications offered through Black Pearl Scuba (a local diving company), club events and answer any diving related questions members might have. 

A common question is what it means to be diving certified. There are five main levels of scuba diving. Delgado explained that the first level of certification is open water scuba, which certifies you to go 60 feet deep. The second level of certification is advanced open water, which certifies you to 120 feet, the max recreational diving limit. The third level of certification is Rescue, which, according to Delgado is “basically life guarding for scuba diving.” Finally, the fourth and fifth certifications are dive master and dive instructor. 

Along with helping students become certified, the scuba club organizes various outings each semester.

One of Delgado’s favorite trips is the annual camp and dive October weekend when everyone visits the local    quarry to dive, carve pumpkins and make memories. 

“It is kind of like a bonding experience because it is really cold in October, and the quarry is pretty chilly,” Delgado said.          “But we get to design our pumpkin above water … and go sit on the platform underwater and carve. It is really fun, and  we have a competition to see who carved the best pumpkin.” 

Additionally, the scuba club visited Blue Heron Ridge and Ginny Springs in Florida.  At Blue Heron Ridge, Delgado saw a seahorse while on a dive, and at Ginny Springs, she explored the underwater caverns with a flashlight. 

Scuba diving allows students to experience a whole new part of creation in a fun and safe manner. Delgado encouraged all students to try the scuba club.

“Even if you are slightly interested in scuba diving, come to the club and try it,” Delgado said. “I know it is a scary thought to be scuba diving because we are not naturally meant to be underwater, but it is an amazing experience. I promise you, you will fall in love with it and want to keep diving.” 

For more information, students can contact Scuba club via the SGA clubs website

Auld is a feature reporter for the Liberty Champion

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