Breaking News: Vice President Mike Pence coming to Commencement

Mike Pence will return to Liberty University as the keynote speaker for Liberty’s 46th Commencement Saturday, May 11.

“It is my honor to accept the invitation to be your 2019 Commencement speaker at Liberty University on Saturday, May 11,” Pence said.

Pence currently serves as the 48th vice president of the United States with President Donald Trump. He previously served the people of Indiana as the state’s 50th governor. Pence was last at Liberty in 2016 and addressed the student body at Convocation, while he was still the vice presidential candidate for the 2016 presidential election.

Pence made the announcement during CPAC. Pence follows President Jimmy Carter’s 2018 visit and President Trump’s 2017 address.

“Considering what a hero Mike Pence is to Christians everywhere, it was exciting to see such a tremendous reaction from over 10,000 Liberty University students. … ” Liberty President Jerry Falwell said. “It was an amazing moment, which will pale in comparison to their reaction when they see Vice President Pence in person on May 11.”


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  • Great news! Lord willing, I hope to be there! My twin granddaughters will be graduating!

  • Oh, my goodness! I would so love to be there! So happy for students at Liberty to have this honor.
    Dorothy Young

  • I’m surprised they didn’t just get Putin to come talk? I mean you guys voted for him.

    • Really? Seeing I didn’t see Putin give any $$ to anyone other than Hillary Clinton and her group. Didn’t Putin give a very large cash infusion also to the Clinton foundation for the Uranium? Sorry but that shows Dems are in bed with Putin. Did you attend LU or just trolling?

    • That is such a dumb know there is NO truth to it

    • It is always amusing that Progressives hate Putin when he used to be such a fervent Socialist for the communist Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics while the same Progressives are now fervent Socialists. Do you hate him because he abandoned the ideology that history proves is a horrible failure and you think can make it work if it is tried just one more time?

    • So proud of our American elected President and Vice-President!!-!

  • I saw Billy Graham when my sister-in-law graduated I saw Jeb Bush when my son Seth graduated and I saw President Trump when my daughter Sara graduated and I will be seeing VP Pence when my son Seth receives his Masters degree. It is always an exciting time great to see how the Lord is working in the lives of the students and how He has blessed this university.

  • Awesome! I’m coming from Guam to be at my graduation in May. It will be well worth it to be there!

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