Spring Convocation preview

As Liberty students learn to settle into a new routine with the beginning of the new semester, they will also be able to experience a revamped lineup of Convocation speakers.

Toward the end of the fall 2014 semester, Senior Vice President of Spiritual Development David Nasser announced a change in Convocation that would feature a rotating schedule with a different focus — prayer, praise, perspective and play —every Monday.

Dan Bolton, director of Spiritual Programs, said the changes to the traditional Convocation format have been made for the benefit of the students.

“We’re doing this because we believe it’s the best thing for students,” Bolton said. “My prayer is that after every convocation, students are better equipped in their pursuit of becoming champions for Christ. The vision has never been to grow big nearly as much as to grow deep in Christ and to go far to make him known.”

Convocations focusing on prayer will allow students to pray for both important issues and the people around them, including pastors from the Lynchburg community, Bolton explained.

In addition to being led in worship by Liberty ministry teams, students will also experience praise led by outside bands, Bolton said.

Unique additions to the Convocation lineup include the perspective and play Mondays. Perspective Mondays give students the opportunity to learn from people who are experts in their field but may not necessarily be pastors or leaders of the Christian faith.

“We’re excited for the diversity of speakers,” Bolton said. “From pastors to politicians, athletes to artists, this schedule has influential leaders from all walks of life.”

Play Convocations will give students a chance to relax and have fun for an hour in the midst of tough classes.

The changes to Convocation will also stretch to the stage setup. Within the next couple of weeks, the Convocation “round,” in which an octagonal stage will be located in the center of the arena, will take shape.

According to Bolton, the change will allow for an increase in the number of seats, greater visibility for guests and a better overall experience.

This semester’s schedule features a number of leading influencers in the Christian community, including author and speaker Beth Moore, pastor Matt Chandler of The Village Church in Texas and Bob Goff, the bestselling author of “Love Does.”

Additionally, political leaders such as Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina and Virginia Governor Terry McAullife will also visit the university.

Sean Hannity, a Fox News Channel host and author, and Sean Lowe, the former “Bachelor,” headline the speakers from the television realm.

To begin the semester, Wednesday’s Convocation will include music from Vertical Church Band member Jon Guerra. On Friday, Jan. 16, students will hear from New Orleans Saints tight end Ben Watson, whose essay regarding racial violence in the wake of a grand jury decision on Ferguson, Missouri, went viral on social media.

For a full list of speakers, visit https://www.liberty.edu/osd/lu-stages/convocation/.

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