Alumni Spotlight: Donita & Dwayne Carson (’88 & ’90)

Donita and Dwayne Carson with Liberty University’s Director of Alumni Relations, Dr. Greg Tilley

Dwayne and Donita Carson, both Liberty University alumni, have recently started a ministry they titled Date the Word. Mr. Carson summarized the origination: “Our purpose of this ministry is to help engage people in learning and living God’s Word. DATE The Word is unique in it connects God’s Word to today’s Date with the desire that it might be more memorable. For years we called it a verse for the Date but were encouraged to call it DATE the Word as we want people to get to know God’s Word so that they might get to know God and then make God known”.

Date the Word has taken off in popularity through their one-minute Radio devotional through the TruthNetwork Radio Stations as well as through their email list which anyone can subscribe to on

The ministry is only growing as an App for Date The Word has been made. “On the app, you will find the verse for the day’s daily devotional, you will find a verse for every date, [and] you will find how to pray for your pastor and how to pray for your family and friends. Date the Word is in development, but we are at a place to let fellow alumni know of it and that it may be something that can be a blessing to you and others”. The possibilities for this tool are vast. One of the main goals of Date the Word is to give yet another reason and method for believers to integrate God’s Word into their daily lives.

Dwayne and Donita Carson both attended Liberty University residentially. Dwayne graduated in 1990 and he associated his best memories at Liberty University with meeting his wife, Donita, and being a student under Dr. Falwell Sr.’s leadership.

“Ask God for wisdom and then take action with the answer He gives. As you acquire wisdom it is crucial to apply the wisdom. Start every day giving worship to God, then getting wisdom from God, and then and only then go to work for God”. – Dwayne Carson